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10. Path to the Hidden City

Version: 1st draft Task:
  • Complete the Trial of the Jaguar
  • Complete the Trial of the Spider
  • Complete the Trial of the Eagle
  • Find the Hidden City
  • Find the Serpent with the Silver Eye
Region: Kuwaq Yaku, Trial of the Eagle, The Hidden City Additional Help: Click on the youtube link in the walkthrough footer to view a video for the Trial of the Eagle.

Complete the Trial of the Jaguar

At the beginning of the level you are rewarded with +100 XP. Head down the narrow stairs. Jump down into the water. Dive down, grabbing the two focus plant, and then dive into the tunnel and through the narrow gap. On the other side, quickly swim to the pocket of air and catch your breath. Continue along the passage. You will get into a part of the cave with many alcoves, a couple of eels and a few plants to collect. If one of the eel gets you, press the Interact button (PS4: Square, Xbox: X) repeatedly to free yourself. Afterwards Lara quickly has to get to an air hole to catch her breath. Dive down into the opening to hide in the underwater grass and to avoid the eel circling in the upper part of the cave. Keep to the left and dive further down where you can grab a resource container with +15 XP. Continue along to the next patch of sea grass and from there head towards the illuminated pocket of air in the centre of the cave. Behind you, over on the right, south of the pocket of air, is a second resource container with +15 XP, in the corner of the ruins. Dive into the tunnel behind the air pocket and on the way collect another resource container with +15 XP before diving through the brightly lit gap to emerge in a cavern.

Complete the Trial of the Spider

The walkway leads around to the left.
Resources: But before you continue, you can collect a resource container with +15 XP, some medicine and, finally, some gold ore from a vein in the left corner.
From the end of the walkway, jump against the wall and jump again to reach the ledge. Jump up to the higher ledge. Traverse along it to the right, jumping past the gaps twice. From the end jump towards the craggy wall on the right and use the axe to climb further right and up. Continue along the path, to the small cave in the back, ignoring the passage up on the right, where the endurance plant is. This is a shortcut and you will miss some valuable resources. Use the wooden ramp to jump to the ledge on the wall and climb up.
Resources: Collect the two piles of jade ore on the circular stone altar.
Duck into the tunnel at the back and follow it out on the other side, grabbing the endurance plant on the way. The tunnel meeting you on the right is the aforementioned shortcut. If you have the skill "Owl's Meal", you can find quite a few spiders in this shortcut tunnel. Follow the wooden walkway to the left, grabbing the resource container with +15 XP on the way. Then jump towards the craggy wall up at the ceiling. Throw out the grapple axe to hold on to it. Controls-wise this is no different from attaching the axe directly to the wall. Rappel down a bit and then swing forward, towards the ledge above the climbing wall with the depiction of a spider. Head into the tunnel and follow it outside to emerge at the trial of the eagle.
Trial of the Eagle

Complete the Trial of the Eagle

Follow the walkway and climb up onto the ledge with the perception plant. Face the wooden boards on the right and scramble up the wall to reach the handholds. Traverse over to the left, where you can climb up the ledges to the top one from where you shimmy to the right to pull up onto the platform above. You will discover the base camp Trial of the Eagle and earn +25 XP. Then jump across the gap to the tower.
Resources: Walk around to the right, in the niche on the left you can pick up a resource container with +15 XP and a bundle of hardwood.
Mural (1/2): Around the outside of the tower to the right and up the stairs you will find the mural Crumbling from the artifact collection "Exodus" (7/7), which will complete the set. You will obtain +35 XP and improve your knowledge of Mam.
Survival Cache (1/1): Just to the right of the mural, closer to the edge, you can dig up the next Survival Cache for +25 XP. After collecting it, return to the front of the tower.
Puzzle (Folding out the First Ledges)
From the top of the stairs jump to the ledges and climb them to reach the tower. Head down to the right and at the end of the walkway face the left. Jump up to reach the beam there. Traverse along to the right where you climb to the lower beam before shimmying around the corner and dropping onto the next part of the walkway. Turn left and balance across the beam to the centre pillar. Jump up to grab its ledge and climb over to the left to reach the next walkway. Run to its end and jump up at the wooden boards to grab the ledge above. Traverse around to the left and climb down the craggy wall. Rappel down to safely drop onto the lower walkway. Follow the walkway, to the left around the central column and to the next wall. Jump across the gap and immediately scramble up the wall to grab the ledge. Climb and jump up to the next beam, where you can then traverse around to the right, into the opening in the wall. Climb up again and traverse around to the right to get to the outside of the tower. Here get onto the craggy wall from where you rappel down again. At the lower end perform a wall run and then jump off to the craggy wall further right. Scale it and then climb the ledges to get to the top. Stand by the rope coil of the mechanism with the sail rotating in the wind. Tether it to the rope coil of the central column inside the tower. This will fold out some ledges with more sails.
Puzzle (Folding out the Next Ledges)
Step out onto the ramp leading to the central column and wait for one of the ledges to come past. Jump towards the short ladder attached and climb to the top to stand on the beam. Other players actually prefer to stay on the ladder till the part where you need to climb up comes by overhead. Walk closer towards the centre pillar to avoid the obstacle coming up, that would otherwise push you off the beam. After that return to the middle of the beam and jump towards the wooden board coming up next to reach the ledge above it. Wait for the next rotating arm of the mechanism to pass overhead, then jump to the top beam and pull onto it. Walk over to the right to reach the safe walkway from earlier. The disc on the wall is now rotating at intervals, allowing you to use the cracks here as ladder when they have the right orientation. Climb up and jump to the wooden ledges above. The next disc is not moving so you can not continue upwards. Climb over to the right, along the beams and pull up onto the walkway. From the end jump towards the walkway leading past the central column. And when you reach the outer wall, walk out onto the beam to the left. Jump towards the wooden ledges up ahead and traverse around the corner to the left. Here jump up to reach the higher ledges and climb them. Pull onto the walkway and turn left. Scramble up the wall and climb to the top ledge. Wait for the rotating arm of the mechanism to swing by, before you pull into the narrow gap Lara has to navigate in crouches position. Move along the gap rolling and out through the opening on the right to get to the outside of the tower once more. Follow the walkway to the right and drop down.
Document (1/1): Turn around to the left and run down the wooden walkway. Around the corner to the left you will find the next document lying on an ornate cube. It is A Proverb from the set "A Community in Need" (4/6) which brings you +25 XP and improves your skills in Mam. Head back up the wooden walkway.
Use a rope arrow to tear the wooden barricade to the left of the tower wall down. It will reveal a handle for the door of the tower. Pull the handle with another rope arrow. Alas, it won't stay in place. So hurry to stand next to the pole with the rope wrapped around out on the wooden walkway that led to the document and tether it to the handle to hold it in place. Voila, the door remains open. Now stand next to the rope coil of the rotating mechanism with the sail and tether it to the rope wrapped around the central column. Again, some ledges with sails fold up. If you wait too long before you continue, the mechanism will get stuck and stops rotating. You will still be able to reach one of the ladders though and resume the puzzle normally.
Puzzle (Way to the Top)
Stand on the ramp leading to the central tower and, like before, jump to the ladder of a ledge when it swings by. This will cause some destruction and Lara threatens to fall, so quickly perform a saving grab. Pull up onto the beam. Here you wait for the rotating arm with the serrated surface to swing by before balancing towards the central column quickly. Jump against the wooden boards there and grab the top ledge of the lower part. As long as you don't climb up further, you are safe, turning in time with the rotating arm of the mechanism. Once the path above you is clear, jump up the upper board to reach the beam at the top, just below the next arms with serrated edges. Shimmy over to the left and pull onto the beam. Get to the outer wall and jump to the craggy wall. Face right and jump to the second craggy wall. Climb around the right to the outside and there up onto the ledge. After grabbing the feathers head out onto the beam towards the central structure again. Jump towards the ledges on the red part of the column. Jump up once to the ledge of the brown wooden boards. Here wait for the serrated arm to have swung by before you grab the lower ledge of the next board and then quickly scramble up the wall, out of harms way. From the top ledge, shimmy out to the right and pull onto the beam to finally reach the top. Stay out on the beam. Shortly after passing the eagle statue, you can see a craggy wall with a wooden scaffolding above it. Jump there and perform a saving grab so you won't fall. Climb down all the way and rappel down from the lower end of the craggy wall. At the lowest part of the wall, perform a wall run, wait for the rotating disc to form a ladder, then jump over there and grab it. It will partially collapse under Lara's weight. Hold on tight and then jump up to the upper ledge. Pull up on top, run up and jump to the safe ledge. Climb into the opening. You are rewarded with +150 XP.

Find the Hidden City

Collect the resource container with +15 XP in the niche on the right and the jade ore on the left.
Mural (1/2): At the back wall you will find another mural, this one titled Golden Days from the artifact collection "Founding Paititi" (1/7). You will obtain +35 XP and improve your knowledge of Quechua.
You have now completed the Trial of the Eagle region with 100%.
There is an optional golden Inka mural, to examine, on the right wall, if you like. Follow the tunnel to the left, coming by an endurance plant and hopping down a ledge. Get out at the other end. Jump down into the water. You can collect another endurance plant in the pool. Climb out of the water. The ledges over to the left would get you back up to the trial of the eagle, in case you have missed the mural there. Turn right to where you find a perception plant. Face the craggy wall on the right and jump over there, grabbing hold with the axe. Climb to the top. In the alcove on the right you can find a resource container with +15 XP. Stand by the scaffolding and scramble up the back wall to grab the top beam. Climb to the left and pull onto the scaffold. From here jump to the horizontal beam and swing to the other side, grabbing hold of the rope ladder. Pull up. The ramp on the left is just in case you need to get back to the other side. Head into the tunnel and climb through the opening in the wall. Follow the passage out and you'll obtain +50 XP. You will come upon the base camp Quipu Overlook and obtain +25 XP.
Resources: Around the camp you can find some hardwood, feathers, a perception plant and a resource container with +15 XP.
Now approach the ledge overlooking the jungle valley below. Jump ahead and use the grapple axe to swing from the hook attached to the cliff wall. Jump at the highest point to reach the second hook. Turn slightly right and swing and jump to the third hook, then the fourth and on to the ledge. Perform a saving grab and pull up. There are a couple more hooks on the way down. Jump to the one in front of you and you will see the next one falling away. Focus on the one slightly to the left and jump there. Use the grapple axe to swing to the third hook. This will collapse under you, but Lara can still use the grapple axe while falling to reach the fourth one. Jump to the fifth hook and from there use the grapple axe to swing to the opening. You're rewarded with +50 XP.
The Hidden City

Follow the path down and out onto a wooden ledge. Perform a swan dive down into the water.
Challenge "High Diving" (1/4): Even though the region may read "location unknown", this dive will count towards the "High Diving" challenge.
You land in a pool.
Resources: Under water you can find an endurance plant and a vein with gold ore, a perception plant and finally a resource container with +15 XP in the small adjacent pool with the the waterfall.
Pull out onto the ledge in the east.
Resources: The second pool of water holds two focus plants, a vein with jade ore and a resource container with +15 XP.
Follow the ledge on the left side of the water and jump across the gap. Run along the path and duck under the fallen tree. You obtain +50 XP.

Find the Serpent with the Silver Eye

You are now in a hunting area with rabbits and wild llamas.
Resources: In this next area you can collect quite a few resources, among them a resource container with +15 XP behind the ruined wall on the right.
Resources: Also along the right side you will come to two huts, with a circular stone altar in front, which are barricaded. The right one you can open with a rope arrow, for the left one you will need the rope ascender. Behind the right door you will find black powder and two pile of gold ore.
Document (1/42): Ignore the rest of the area for now and take the middle path to find the ruined wall near the climbable tree (the left of two), from where the stairs lead up to the next objective. To the right, by a hide hung up to dry you can find a document lying on the ground. It is Fawcett's Legacy from the set "Search for the Hidden City" (5/8) for which you will also get +25 XP. [Screenshot]
Now head up the stairs in the east to come upon a boy caught in a snare trap.
Lara will help him when a group of green-clad warriors bearing the Trinity insignia attack. Shortly later some natives of the region arrive and they bring Lara to the city of Paititi, after she's been blindfolded. Lara is reunited with Jonah and given some native clothes.
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