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2. Trajan's Markets

The Street

Enter the chamber on the right. Take out your guns and shoot the little box, inside you'll find another LaserSight. If you look up in that room, you can see some platforms high above, but you can't reach them.) Get back out onto the street. Enter the chamber opposite and shoot the box there as well to find a crowbar. (Here again you can see some higher platforms you can't reach.) Return to the street. The second door on the left can't be opened, but behind it, you can see some revolver ammo. The second chamber on the right is empty. (If you follow the street, you'll come to another road. On the left, you can see a closed gate. In a chamber on the right, you can see a golden rose.)


Break the third door on the right with the crowbar. Draw your weapons, crouch in front of the box and shoot it. Collect the small medipack inside. Now climb onto the scaffolding on the right. Climb higher up and then onto the block under the rope. Turn into the opposite direction. On the left, you can see a little alcove in front of the window. There you can see a small medipack. Jump up and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up and collect the medipack. Jump back onto the block with the rope. Position yourself in front of the rope and walk over it. (If you turn around you can see some shotgun shells on the window sill on the left. But you can't reach them from here.) Jump over the gap onto the next platform. Climb into the window and step onto the bridge. Run to the other side. Turn right and jump onto the platform there. Jump onto the next platform. Turn right and make a running jump to the window. Grab the ledge. Pull yourself in and collect the red shotgun ammo. Return to the other side. Drop down on the other side. Drop into the chamber. You are now behind the barred door. Collect the revolver ammo and the flares. From where you've picked up the flares, make a standing jump towards the platform in front of the exit. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up.

Wheel Mechanism

Go forward. (Movie: You'll see a wheel mechanism.) Drop down carefully. Run out onto the street. On the right, you can see the closed gate leading back onto the other road. On the left is a chamber with a giant stone blocking the way. In the back on the right is the wheel mechanism. Just behind the pillar next to the chamber on the left, you'll find a ladder. (Picture.) Climb up. Shimmy around the corner to the left. Slide down on the bridge. Turn around and jump over to the next bridge. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Jump onto the platform behind the pillar. Enter the chamber and pull the rope there three times. (Each time you'll see the lowest wheel come up to the other wheel, till they are next to each other.) Exit the chamber again. Jump back onto the bridge on the right and then, with a running jump, onto the one with the ladder. Make a running jump into the alcove on the left. Collect the uzi ammo there. Turn around and make a running jump onto the bridge on the right. (Not the one you came from.) From there jump onto the platform behind the pillar. Enter the chamber and pull the rope once. (This will activate the mechanism and open the door in the passage downstairs.)
Secret 1: Pulling the second rope has opened a trapdoor in the first room downstairs. If you pulled it twice, the door is closed again. Pull it once more. Carefully drop down and through the trapdoor. Collect the golden rose and the blue and red shotgun ammo in the alcove on the left and on the right. Climb back out.

Golden Coin

Now enter the chamber where the passage is now cleared. Before entering the chamber at the back turn left where the wheel was. Climb up into the passage overhead. Drop into the chamber and break out the Golden Coin by using the crowbar. Some rats will appear. Climb back out. You might want to run out onto the street to get rid of the rats. Now enter the chamber with the statue. Pick up the revolver ammo on the left and the small medipack on the right. Then use the coin on the statue. (This will open two gates.) Get back out onto the street. And run through the open gate back onto the other street.

The Pool

Enter the first chamber on the left. Follow the street around to the right. You'll come to a pool on the left. Follow the road around to the right again and collect the revolver ammo in the corner. Jump into the pool and collect the small medipack in the passage on the left. The gate is locked, but behind it, you can see the "Venus" Symbol. Now climb out onto the platform behind the waterfall.

Robot Head

Enter the passage. (Movie: You'll get to see the robot waiting for you around the corner.) Collect the revolver ammo on the right. Enter the room. Run around to the left and quickly drop down onto the ground. Enter the chamber leading down. Hide behind one of the blocks. Take out the revolver and aim, use look button, at the eyes of the robot. You have to shoot them both to destroy the robot. (It's best to shoot the left eye from behind the right block and the right eye from behind the left block.)
Secret 2: Climb onto the block on the left, facing outward. Turn towards the red machine. Jump straight up and press action standing at the ledge to grab the scaffold above. Pull yourself up. Jump onto the machine and collect the golden rose. Drop back down.
After destroying the robot go out and collect the mars symbol. Run down to the lower area. Collect the revolver ammo on the left.

Underground Pools - The Wheel

Now position yourself at the trapdoor at the foot of the block on the lower part. (The browner part is the handle. See picture.) Press action to open the trapdoor. Drop down. Follow the passage to another pool. Jump in and dive into the chamber ahead to collect a small medipack. Now dive into the hole on the middle. Dive into the little passage. (The current will keep you from diving any deeper.) Follow the tunnel into a chamber. Collect the red shotgun ammo. Then go towards the wheel and press action. Use the crowbar to loosen it. Take it with you. Dive back towards the big chamber. Enter the passage again and climb up the ladder. Run into the chamber opposite. (You get another chance to collect Secret 2.) Use the wheel on the machine and turn it.

Underground Pools - Way Out

Climb back down to the channel. Jump back into the water. The current is now turned off. Dive into the passage at the bottom. Follow it. When you come to the big chamber dive into the hole on the left. You'll come to a dry spot. Climb out and collect the large medipack. Dive back out and turn left. Then turn right. In front of you is now a strong current. Dive through the opening on the right to avoid the current. Turn left and dive up the shaft. Climb out. Turn the wheel. Jump back into the water. Dive back down into the big chamber. The current is now turned off. Dive towards the far wall and into the passage on the right. Follow the tunnel and dive up the long shaft. Climb out of the water. Collect the red shotgun ammo. And the shotgun.

The Statue

(The gate closes behind you.) If you run into the passage ahead, you can see a statue come to life. Get your guns out. (You could take a better weapon than the guns but I would recommend saving the ammo for later.) Careful, he will fire green energy bolts at you and will try to hit you with his sword. Circle around him like hell and don't stop shooting. You might have to take some medipacks in-between, but you should have enough. (In the movie, you can see the window break and the underwater door, where the Venus Symbol lies, opens.) Climb onto the window sill where the statue was. Collect the Uzi ammo and the small medipack. Climb out. Collect another small medipack on the left.

Venus Symbol

Drop down.
Secret 3: Turn left. Turn left again and run back through the open gate. You come back out onto the street. Turn left and enter the courtyard on the left side. Collect the golden rose in one corner. Return to the pool.
Now jump into the pool and dive into the opened passage. Collect the Venus Symbol. Swim towards the surface and climb out.

The Dragon Heads

(Video: Lara will meet Larson again. He is armed and wants your treasures.)
Shoot him till he falls down. In that short time, before the next video starts, you might be able to collect some of the ammo lying around; 1 red shotgun ammo in the garden, 1 blue left side of the gate.
(Video: The dragonheads above the door come to life. One of them grabs Larson and throws him around.)
Now you have to act quickly. If you stay where you are, you will be toast. The Dragon Heads will spit fire at you. If you start to burn there is only one possibility: head back to the pool you came out. From where you are after the video, get your weapons out, start shooting and make a side sault to the right. Then make two to the left, and then two to the right again. You might want to make three sidesaults in each direction once in a while. Lara will change positions slowly. She might come very close to the dragon heads, in that case just include one backsault if you have the time. Take the pistols, anything else is a waste of ammo. I recommend saving in-between the jumps, if you're still in the air it should be save. Save to a different slot in case you are already doomed.

(Alternatively: Run behind the temple and pick up all the goodies. Then fire at the dragons from around the corners of the temple. Stand at a diagonal, wait till after the heads have roared, move 2 paces forward and fire four shots and reverse. Every so often, change to the opposite corner; otherwise a dragon head gets up close to Lara and bites. - This is a tip from Bob Foster. )

Using the Symbols

After all three dragons are gone, collect one box of blue ammo and one box of red ammo behind you and another box of blue and red and a large medipack behind the gate. Now step towards the gate and use the Mars Symbol on the left and the Venus Symbol on the right receptacle. The gate opens. Step inside. Make a running jump over the first spike filled pit. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Now make another running jump to the platform underneath the artefact. The platform will give way and you'll drop down.
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