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5. The Submarine


Run into the passage on the left and break the metal bar on the right side. You can use that as a Crowbar. Now turn into the passage on the right. Open the ventilation shaft with the crowbar. Enter the shaft and turn right. Crawl through the narrow space. At the end climb up the ladder on the left. At the top turn left. Crawl backwards towards the hole. Use the action button (PC: shift, PSX: X) to hang from the ledge.
Secret 1: Climb down. Shimmy left and into the passage. Collect the Golden Rose at the end. Get back out and jump onto the opposite wall. Climb back up again.
Shimmy towards the left tunnel. Pull yourself up and crawl forward. Stand up and take the ladder on the left. Turn right. You come to a hole with dangling wires. Again crawl backwards to the hole. Hang from the ledge. Shimmy left.

Battery (-)

Climb up into the first passage. Stand before the handle of the trapdoor and press action to open it. Lower yourself into the chamber underneath. The rack on the left is empty. Collect a Battery (-) from the cupboard. Search the rack on the right for a small medipack. Climb back up into the passage. Again hang from the ledge into the hole. Shimmy further to the left. Pull yourself into the second passage. Climb up the ladder on the left. Crawl into the passage on the left. (There you'll see another movie. The Mafioso says that they are next to a sunken german submarine. The Captains asks what they are looking for. The Mafioso doesn't answer, instead he orders to get the sub in position.)

The Kitchen

Continue to craw along the passage. Climb down the ladder on the left. Follow the passage. Crawl one more time. You'll come to a trapdoor. Stand before the handle and press action to open it. (Save here!) Jump down into the kitchen. As soon as you reach the ground you have to walk, to be quiet. Otherwise the chef will notice you. (If this happend you either have to reload or get back into the shaft and crawl away a bit.) Walk up to him from behind. Press action to get out the crowbar and hit him with it. Collect the key he loses.

Little Storage Chamber

Open the right door with it. Step inside. Search the racks for another key. And take the pistols out of the cupboard. (Don't forget to take the guns out of the backpack.) Get back into the kitchen. Open the second door with the other key. Load your weapons and shoot the two mafiosi from the door frame. (You'll be much safer there, than out in the messhall. You can even crouch behind the doorstep.)


Turn right and run towards the door on the left. Shoot the guy coming out of the bathroom. He loses some red shotgun ammo. The bathroom is empty. Now run towards the left. Enter the passage. Run around to the left and shoot another mafioso. Open the door with the wheel on the right. Climb up the ladder.

Store Room

Follow the passage into a store room. Shoot two more mafiosi. One of them loses a shotgun. Climb onto the wooden crate. On the red boxes on the left you'll find an Aqualung. Collect it. Then climb over to the stack of wooden crates on the right. Collect the large medipack. Jump back down.
Secret 2: Use the crowbar on the lower crate of the stack to open it. Inside you'll find another golden rose.
Now leave the storage room again and climb down the ladder. Return towards the messhall.

Ventialtion Shafts

Run towards the other side again. Now use the wheel on the right. Enter the passage behind. Get into the first room on the right. Shoot another mafioso. (This is not the room where you got the battery earlier on, it looks very similar.) Climb onto the crate. Position yourself under the handle. (Your back against the edge of the crate.) Jump up and press action to open the trapdoor. Crawl up. And follow the passage to the left. Then crawl to the right. Crawl left again.
Secret 3: Stand up on the grating. Turn right. Jump up at the wall and climb into the passage overhead. Collect the golden rose and get down again.

Battery (+)

Continue crawling till you reach the trapdoor. Open it. Jump down. Shoot the russian guy entering through the door. You can search the racks but they are empty. Open the cupboard to get a Battery (+). Combine it with the Battery (-).

Dormitory and Torpedo Room

Enter the passage and turn left. Follow it onwards. Climb down the ladder. Follow the passage. Shoot the mafioso at the end. Collect the blue shotgun ammo. Enter the dormitory and collect the small medipack in the second row on the left. Get back into the passage and open the door with the wheel on the right. Shoot another russian agent in the torpedo room. Cross the room. Climb up the ladder. Run towards the end of the passage and shoot the mafioso in the right chamber.

Diving Suit

Return to the passage. Turn left. Open the room on the left. Shoot the russian agent. He loses a Suit Console. Combine it with the Aqualung. Return to the passage and turn right again. Open the door on the left. On the left wall you'll find a Diving Suit. Use the combined Console on it. Now use the Battery on it as well. (A movie will follow where you can see how Lara gets into the suit and leaves the sub.)
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