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2. Peru - Return to Paraiso

Task: Find the market place where you meet Anaya. Make your way through to the motorbike. Use it to chase after the baddies. Finds & Enemies: 5/11 Secrets (0/1 Gold Reward, 1/2 Silver Rewards, 4/8 Bronze Rewards), Enemies (Mercenaries) Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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1st Section

You are standing in the middle of Paraiso now. Ahead there is a football. You can kick it into the "goal" behind the scarecrow if you like. After that you can use the scarecrow to practice a bit. Then run to the alley on the right. To the right you will find a place where you can climb onto the building. This way you can get onto the roof.
Secret 1/11: From here you can jump forward and use the grapple to get to the roof opposite. Drop down into the yard behind it. Here you find the Bronze Reward #1. By using the movable crate you can leave the yard again; push it to towards the wooden gate and jump over it.
Next, run towards the city gate.

2nd Section

Go to Anaya's Jeep. Lara and Anaya will have a conversation, when they are suddenly interrupted by a group of mercenaries arriving. Anaya will speed away with her Jeep and the battlefield belongs to Lara alone.

Take out the baddies. The car they arrived with, as well as the barrels on the cart to the right, are good targets for the interaction-shot. (When the symbol appears above the object, hit the Interaction button.) The explosions can help Lara in her battle against the sods. They loose miscellaneous weapons and medipacks. From the doors on the left, where the four posters are, some more minions arrive. After getting rid of them, a guy with a shotgun will appear on top of the balcony. If you have collected the assault rifle you can finish him comfortably from down here.
Secret 2/11: Run to the wall where the four posters are. In the left corner you can collect the Bronze Reward #2.
Secret 3/11: Run towards the left side of the main building at the market place (when facing it). Climb onto the market stand and from there further up to the balcony. To the left you can swing over the two horizontal bars to the next balcony. Here you'll find the Bronze Reward #3. Sliding down the cable you can get down again.
Run to the flag pole to the right of the main building, near the parked car, climb up. Jump onto the balcony.
Secret 4/11: To the left you can kick in a door. On the inside you will find the Silver Reward #1. Leave the building through the door again.
Step towards the hole in the railing, in the middle between the two doors. Jump and use the grapple to get to the building across the street (where the guy with the shotgun appeared). You may want to pick up his shotgun. Personally I would recommend this weapon, because in the next section the going gets rough and you just need one shot at close range to get rid of an enemy. However the rifle has a wider range. Run into the building where another baddy is waiting for you. Here you can test my theory about the shutgun. ;-) P.S. I tested it on Adventurer setting. On the table you'll find some grenades, which Lara can attack to her belt. (She can carry up to four grenades. You can see how many she is carrying by simply looking at her back.) The door of the closet on the left can be opened by using the interaction key, but it is empty. Open the next door. Outside a whole bunch of minions awaits you. One is on the balcony directly ahead. Some more are on the roof to the right and others are down on the street. They shoot and throw grenades at you. After they have thrown a grenade you will here it beeping. Run away quickly before it explodes! Return fire. You can also use your grenades. (There is a special button for that, see moves.) Whether you leave the roof or not is up to you. If you decide to go down to the street you can get back up via the pipe at the building ahead of you. By using the grapple you can get to the roof on the right, from where you can get to a bedroom. Alternatively you can get there by using the ladder left of the sign saying "Peluqueria". Pick up any of the weapons, grenades and medipacks which were left behind by the rogues.

In the alleyway below there are some more Enemies waiting for you further to the right. These can be shot easily from the last roof to the left which you can reach by a ladder. This will work only if you use a weapon with high range like an assault rifle, not the shotgun. As a third alternative you can leave the bedroom through the other door and catch them from above. At the next corner of the street a car with a gun mounted on it as well as some more baddies appear.
Secret 5/11: You should run into the alleyway left of you. Here you find the Bronze Reward #4. Then run to the car with the gun.
First get rid of the baddy on the car so that the gun is unmanned. You can use it now if you like. I prefer to be able to run around freely. Again there are a lot of explosive items around, which can be triggered with the interaction button. After all the baddies are finished off you can pick up the goodies. Then you should go to the motor bike standing around.

Zip informs you, that Anaya is being chased by some evil minions.

Motor Bike Chase

You have to drive ahead as long as there are no obstacles in your way. If you drive left or right doesn't really matter. When enemies appear, shoot back and avoid them, but colliding with them sometimes helps, too. There are medipacks lying about, drive over them to pick them up. Use ramps to jump over obstacles or shoot them by using Interaction. If you are too slow or drive back, Anaya will get caught.

After some time - after passing the blown up bridge - you will get to a long straight piece of road. Here you must avoid the crates dropping from the right truck as well as the cargo of the left one. On the left one, behind the crates are two armed baddies, shoot them. Then drive up onto the loading space of the truck.

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