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4. Ghana - Pursuing James Rutland

Task: N/A Secrets: 1 Gold Reward, 4 Silver Rewards, 5 Bronze Rewards Story Intro: "The coordinates Zip provided are deep in the Ghana rainforest. I don't know what Rutland is after, but I'm sure he keeps that artifact close to him. I'll have to convince him to part with it." Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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1st Section

Run down the path. Lara comes to a gorge with a waterfall. Jump down into the water. Directly ahead there is a big platform with a closed gate. But before you take care of that, first go looking for some treasures.
Secret 1/10: Dive from the big platform to the left (when looking towards the gate). There you can find the Bronze Reward #1 lying under water.
In the cave beneath the platform there is a Silver Reward, too, which is inaccessible at the moment because of the current.
Secret 2/10: Now - from the platform - dive down to the right to collect the Bronze Reward #2.

2nd Section

Climb out onto the platform. To the right you can climb up the rocks. From here you can jump to the rope at the gate. Turn around and swing at it to kick it open. Alternatively you can let go of the rope and use the grapple to pull down the gate.
Secret 3/10: The current in the cave beneath the platform has died down now. Jump into the water and dive under it. Here you can collect the Silver Reward #1. Climb out again.
Enter through the open gate.

3rd Section

Run down the stairs. To the right there is a water basin. You can't swim across because of the current and the rope is too far away to reach. But you can use the grapple to move the small raft towards you. From the raft jump to the first rope, and from there on to the second. If you miss the second one it's not so bad. At this point of the basin the current runs into the other direction so you can just swim to the edge. Jump onto the shore. Run up the stairs. A mercenary is waiting for you. To the left there is an inactive trap. Jump across the spear. Around the next corner there is another inactive trap. However, in front of it there is a trigger pad. Step on it. The door behind the trap opens. Wait until it is fully opened. Jump over the first spear then. Dive-roll under the second one and into the room behind it.

4th Section

You are now in a cave with two inactive water wheels and a whole bunch of baddies. Get rid of them all! Be careful, there is a gunturret on the other side, don't get caught in its fire. Kill all baddies in front of you as well as the three entering the chamber from the door behind you. Then climb the platform on the right.
Secret 4/10: On the right side you can find the Bronze Reward #3.
Your next objective now is it to get the jammed water wheel, which is standing in the light and has water pouring down already, running again. There are at least two methods to do so:
1. Go to the gun (For grabbing, as well as releasing it push the interaction button) and shoot at the statue left of the water wheel. It will break and crash onto the waterwheel.
2. Stand on the ledge that's next to the rope in front of the statue. (Not down where the Reward was but up by the gun.) From there jump to the rope. Swing against the statue to knock it over.
Now the water wheel is running and the traps through which you've entered the room are working again. Up in the other passage, right of the entrance, the traps are still dead and the second water wheel is still not working.

Then jump from this side to one of the bars of the turning water wheel and wait until it has transported you to the other side. Swing and jump to the rope. Swing the rope up onto the platform in the corner. Now jump to the hanging scaffold. Turn to the platform in the other corner (where the passage with the inactive traps is) and throw the grapple for the stump of a column. Pull yourself towards it. Jump on to the rope in front of the other water wheel. Climb up a bit. Swing to one of the upper bars of the water wheel. Swing on to the second bar and from there to the ladder ahead. Climb up. There run into the cave.

5th Section

Climb up the ladder. When you've reached the end, turn left. There jump to the crevice. Shimmy further to the left. Jump up to the higher ledge and shimmy on to the left and around the corner. Here you can climb up another ladder.

6th Section

Run straight forward. In the chamber below there is a Jaguar lingering. Dispose of him. To the left there is a raft lying around on the dry - not much use. Run to the right. Here you can climb the crumbly stairs up to the right. Run further to the right and down the stairs on the other side.
Secret 5/10: Behind the tall rock you'll find the Bronze Reward #4 on the right.
Now climb up onto the rock left of the pickup. Ahead there is a huge block of stone attached to ropes. When Lara jumps onto it, it starts to sink down under her weight. Jump on to the second block, which is on its way up. It already has to be a bit higher as the one you are standing on for the next jump to be successful. From here you can jump to the ladder. If you drop down you have to be careful not to be sqashed by the stone when it is coming down again. Climb up the ladder.

7th Section

Now you are above two water pools and the empty basin you came from. We want to reach the statue that is now behind us. But to get there you have to do some more climbing. You have to get down to the basin in the middle. That's the one next to the empty one. To get there you can either jump down into the water or climb down at the end of the ledge by the crevices in the wall. In the basin you'll find a small raft. Climb it. In the middle of the water basin is a column with a metal ring. Use the grapple to pull yourself and the raft towards it. Let go and the raft slowly drifts into the third chamber. Here is on the right the next spot you can attach the grapple to. Don't do it yet if you want to collect the silver reward.
Secret 6/10: Jump into the water. Swim to the left. There you can climb out. When you go up to the right you'll find the Silver Reward #2 there.
Swim back to the raft which hopefully hasn't drifted away too much. Climb it, look for the column at the right shore and pull yourself towards it with the grapple. Jump onto the shore. To the left there is a ladder. Climb up. At the top you'll discover a stone block behind you, again attached to a second one by ropes. Jump onto it. Wait until the second stone block is up high enough and then jump to it. From here jump towards the ledge. Pull up.

8th Section

Run forward.
Secret 7/10: Directly left behind the column there is the Bronze Reward #5.
Then swing ahead to the other side using the grapple. Here you find some gaps in the wall column. We want to get to the stone plateau in the left corner (to get to the figure in the center). Jump to the crevice on the column ahead. Shimmy right around the corner and drop down one level. Shimmy on to the right around the next corner. Jump up to the gap above you, then to the one on the wall. The column is not interesting for now, ignore it. Drop down one level instead. Shimmy right and jump past the fracture to the right. Here jump one gap up. Shimmy right and jump to the platform.

9th Section

To the left there is a trigger pad. Stand on it and further to the right the board with the stoneblock on it turns and drops it down. Additionally notice the left arm of the statue being released. In case you now fall down and survive, you can climb up with the help of the stoneblock you just dropped. From there you can jump to the back wall. Jump up one ledge. Shimmy left and again jump up to the platform in the left corner. When you leave the trigger, the board turns back again and the clamp fixes the arm of the statue once more. We'll take care of that in a moment. Jump to the board (after it has stopped turning) and further on, to the platform in the centre. Look at the statue. At the moment both arms are fixated. On its chest there is a place where you can use the grapple to pull out a bolt. This will tilt the arms down. But since the arms are fixated now, this won't work properly. So jump further on to the right and from there to the platform in the corner. Move the decorated stone block onto the trigger pad and the right arm of the statue is now permanently released. On the left side it won't be so easy, because we have no second block. Nevertheless jump back to the left and stand on the pad yourself. Wait until the clamp has completely released the arm. Now you have to do a timed run. Jump onto the turning board - preferably when it is flipping forwards - and jump to the center platform. You can wait until the platform stops moving, but then you have to be really fast with the grapple. Pull up and use the grapple to pull out the metal bolt before the clamp close again. Both arms tilt forward and below you the water starts running.

10th Section

Jump down into the water. Swim to the entrance where the water flows out of the chambers and climb into the passage again. The water is flowing through the grating in the floor. Climb down the ladder into the shaft next to it again. At the bottom, drop onto the ledge. Shimmy to the right and around the corner. There drop to the lower crevice. Shimmy right and jump back to the ladder. Climb down.

11th Section

Run to the next shaft and climb down the ladder there, too. Below you will find that the second water wheel will now be turning as well and that the traps have all become active. Jump towards one of the bars of the water wheel. Swing from it back onto the rope you used to reach the wheel before. Alternatively you can take the whole path past the other water wheel again. Step into the trap filled passage.

12th Section

You can run or diveroll past the three spear traps with the right timing. Behind that you will encounter four rotating blades, these are deadly so avoid them at all costs. On the left before the trap you will find a movable stone block. Push it along in front of you, into the trap. While doing so, keep on one side. It suffices to stop the traps on one side. After a few meters you will find that the block has stopped the two blades. Stop there, you cannot push it all the way through. Beware, when part of the blades come out behind you! Let go of the block and climb onto it. Jump past the blades into safety. Run up the next set of stairs. On the left another of those rotating blades-traps is waiting for you. This one is slightly easier, as the two sets of left and right blades are are aligned parallel to one another. There are low ones and high ones, with the right timing you can dive under the high ones and jump over the low ones. Consider this an expert's challenge. There is an easier way: After the stairs on the right you can find a wall niche with another movable block. Pull it out. Then push it through the traps, like you did with the first one. Run into the next passage.

13th Section

Run up the stairs and down on the other side. Behind you a nasty rumbling starts. And then the next interactive sequence starts. Run directly ahead and slightly to the right. Jump over the spears, then run over to the left and dive roll under the next spear. Don't stop running. Jump over the gap and the scene ends for you. Lara will run outside and dive behind the door (sometimes she evades the boulder to the right, sometimes to the left). The boulder tumbles down and crashes into the rocks, breaking away some of them.

14th Section

Secret 8/10: Climb down the ladder on the left wall. On the platform below you can find the Silver Reward #3. Climb back up.
If you have not collected the first three rewards (one silver and two bronze), you can jump back down into the water to collect them. At the wall right of the big platform with the gate, you can climb back up, that's where to boulder cleared the way up, when crashing down. You will get back to the spot where silver reward #3 was found. Now, back by the passage where you fled from the boulder, turn to the right. Jump towards the horizontal bar. Continue to jump to the crevice at the column. Shimmy left, around the corner. Jump to the higher gap and again shimmy to the left. Jump backwards and there continue to the higher ledge. Quickly jump to the bar behind you, before the rock above you crashes down. Swing to the second bar. Jump to the ledge and pull up. Climb up, onto the platform.

15th Section

Turn around and step towards the scaffold. Jump onto it. It will sink under Lara's weight. Run and jump to the next ledge, in front, below. From there jump to the next plateau.

16th Section

Here, turn right and jump onto the bar there. You have to jump diagonally from the jutting ledge or the jump it too far. Jump towards the ledge ahead. Shimmy to the left, around the corner. Jump up to the higher ledge. A rock above you will start to crumble. Quickly continue to the bar on the right. Swing to the second bar. Turn around and swing to the higher bar that was behind you. From here, jump towards the crevice at the pillar. Quickly shimmy to the left, around the corner, to avoid the rock falling from the ceiling. Again jump to the upper crevice and shimmy further to the left, around the corner. There jump backwards the reach the next plateau. Run through the entrance.

17th Section

When you follow the passage, Lara will find an amulet lying on the ground, on the left. It belonged to her mother. Run down the stairs into the darkness. You will come to a pit, filled with spikes. Jump towards the pit, but before you fall down, throw out grapple (press jump again, or the grapple button) to swing to the other side. Repeat this action at the next pit as well. Run ahead and the end around the corner to the left. At the rope bridge and behind you will meet three mercenaries. Kill them. You can loosen the rock above the bridge with an interaction-attack, but this will force you to swing across, using the grapple. The same applies, when the bridge gets destroyed by a grenade. I found it easier to leave it intact. Follow the passage further and you will come to a plateau.

18th Section

It seems that Rutland's men have been here. Turn to the right and jump towards the first bar. Swing and jump to the second. Then jump to the crevice of the column ahead.
Secret 9/10: Jump towards the crevice of the column on the left, on the other side the water flowing down. On the plateau here you will find a door with cracks. Throw a grenade towards the door and hide in the corner by the column. If you carry no grenades at the moment, you have to continue and return here, when you have collected some from the next group of mercenaries. Behind the door you can pick up the Silver Reward #4. Then hang from the crevice ad the column again and jump back to the column on the right.
Jump up to the upper crevice. Shimmy around the corner to the left. Again jump higher up and also to the next ledge above. Here, shimmy back to the right and jump up again. Jump towards the horizontal bar, behind you. Swing towards the second bar. Beware, the barrels here are explosive. (As funny as it might seem to kick them into the water, it's not a clever idea, the mercenaries in this area will become aware of your presence and you might damage the suspension bridge spanning across the cliffs.) Cross the plan. Down the stairs you will meet two baddies. Advance carefully. I recommend throwing them a grenade and running up the stairs again to hide from the explosion. Also be careful not to damage the bridge to the right. Then run down and use a rifle, if you have one, to shoot survivors and the other baddies about two with rifles and one with a grenade launcher - try to get him first! on the ledge ahead and at the end of the bridge on the right about two more with rifles. Collect any medipacks and weapons the two guys here left you, if you have the time. You should quickly cross the bridge, before any grenade destroys it. Otherwise you have to get across using three ropes and believe me, that's a pain in the butt. If you have to do the jumping, remember: when Lara looks at the rope, she will make the jump. On the other side, also collect remaining weapons (for example the Grenade Launcher) and medis. This is your last chance, to return for the last silver reward. (Remember: You need a grenade.) Then enter the chamber.

19th Section

Shoot the Jaguar inside the cave. Ahead is a big gate, which is closed. This is where the gold reward is. We will come to that in a moment. Then climb up the stairs on the left. Two giant boulders will come down from the top, one after the other. Evade them by jumping to the rope dangling on the right. If you miss, just wait below, in front of the gate, till it's safe to climb the stairs again. - But you will need to use the rope to get higher up. Then either swing with the rope to the stairs on the right, where another single boulder will come down, or up to the left, after both boulders have passed. Either way, run up to the top. The gate at the top is closed, but there is a triggerpad just in front. Step on it and wait till the gate had opened fully. But not only this gate, so you might want to reconsider before you step through.
Secret 10/10: Quickly run down the stairs again. The big gate below has opened as well. In the dark chamber behind, you will find the Gold Reward. Collect it, then run back up. The gate here will have closed again, so use the triggerpad again.
Now quickly run (dive roll) through the opened gate before it closes again.

20th Section - Fight against Rutland

Now it's time to take care of Rutland.

You have to beat James Rutland, but it's not as easy, as it seems. When you have done a considerable amount of damage, he will flee and magically recharge at one of the four platforms in this room. Lara cannot reach them, but she can destroy them. To do so she'll have to destroy the crystals at the underside. This will reveal a blank, sparkling spot - something you can attach the grapple to. Grapple button. If you then pull the grapple interaction button, the platform will break and Rutland won't be able to recharge.

Well, actually just because I didn't manage to kill Rutland without destroying the platforms, doesn't mean it can't be done, but consider this yet another expert's challenge.

This is what you should do:
I usually start using pistols, shooting the whole time and running around in the room. Since it is not always possible to shoot the crystals below the platform right away, you keep Rutland busy and try your best shooting them anyway. You evade Rutland's attacks (he throws grenades and tries to stab you with his artefact-piece) by jumping most of the time and running away from him. So again: I am shooting all the time, running around and jumping. I hope you are playing on a gamepad or are very good with the keyboard, because you will need all your fingers to do this. ;-) When the symbol appears underneath the platforms I start pressing the interaction button. I stop jumping, but concentrate on evading Rutland on foot. If he gives me some time now, I will immediately pull out the metallic part under the platform if exposed. If not, I continue shooting to break all crystals first. At one point he then will jump up to recharge. Then you quickly attach your grapple. (If you use the camera controls to look up to the correct spot you can attach it easily by just throwing out the grapple; otherwise use manual aim - please check the manual for the correct button!) Pull it. (Interaction button.) Rutland might be a bit confused when you pull the platform from underneath him, use the time to destroy as many of the other platforms as you can. You repeat this, till all platforms are destroyed.

When all platforms are broken, Rutland is defenceless. Now change your weapon to something more powerful, if you want to and start shooting at him, while jumping and evading his grenades. You can now beat him.

Lara will let Rutland go, but the level is finished.
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