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8. Tomb of Tihocan

Reaching the Cistern

Dive down and into the middle of the three archways. Follow the bends right, then left. At the next intersection turn right, and swim towards the light. Above you will find an air hole. When your lungs are filled, dive down again and this time follow the passage ahead. Follow the bend to the right. And dive straight up at the end.

Entering the Cistern

You reach a chamber with a crate in the wall. Push it straight through and out on the other side. Shoot the single rat before you continue. Then push the crate towards the left wall, to place it under the lever. Mount it to pull the lever and the trapdoor in the right corner opens. Go there and lower yourself into the chamber below. Shoot the two rats and then step out into the cistern.

In the Cistern

This room might seem massive at first, however if you know what to do, it won't be that long. Ignore the walkways ahead, they lead to a lever that will let more water into the cistern or drain it again, we will do this later. Turn right and jump to the horizontal bar. Then use your grapple with the hook on the wall to swing to the crevice in the wall further along. There shimmy around to the left and drop down into the alcove. Pick up the 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo. Then hang from the lower ledge in the wall ahead and jump over to the right, to the crevice of the part of the bridge. Jump up and pull onto the bridge piece. Collect the first Mini SMG Ammo there. Jump back to the crevice in the wall and from there over to the one on the left end. Jump and throw the grapple towards the second ring in this room. You could shortcut from the broken bridge part to the grapple spot. You have to climb up the rope a bit in that case. Run along the wall to reach the walkway in the corner. Turn left and jump across the gap to the second part of the bridge. Follow this part around the bends and ignore the left outcrop. Instead jump across the gap ahead and run towards the wall. Jump across the next gap and run into the corner. There collect the Shotgun Ammo. Turn left and jump to the horizontal bar, swing to the second horizontal bar from there and jump to the next walkway. Push down the crate on the ledge at the end. If you fall down, you can find a couple of ledges and a ladder that get you back up, to the crevices in this wall.

In the Cistern (2)

Then jump towards the second crevice from the top. Jump up to reach the top one. Turn left and jump over to the next horizontal bar. Swing to the next platform. There hang from the ledge and shimmy around to the left. From the end jump over to the left, to the next horizontal bar. Swing to the second and from there to the crevice in the wall. Shimmy left and around the corner. Jump backwards to the other crevice and climb further left, till you can pull up onto the balcony. Push the second crate you find here out onto the outcrop and over the edge. Then jump towards the walkway ahead. To get there you need to jump at the last opportunity and hold down jump longer. Jump down into the pool from here. Quickly swim to the side opposite from the gate and climb out of the water there. Turn around and shoot the two crocodiles. If you cannot reach them you could leave them for later. Turn away from the pool and run into the right corner to collect the Small Medipack. Then collect the crate you pushed down from above, further on the left and push it into the pool. Then run to the left and climb on the ramp by the wall on the left. Climb up onto the wall from there. Turn the lever here clockwise to drain the water from the pool.

In the Cistern (3)

Before you climb down into the drained pool run further around it, counter-clockwise. Behind the rubble, on the right you can find a Large Medipack. Then climb further left over the next wall and you will come to the area behind the gate. Note the trenches. Just above you is the exit. A platform you could not reach yet. Climb over the wall to the other side where a single crocodile is waiting for you. Note the stone block and the ladder above. This is where you could climb back up. - However we don't want to go up yet. Somewhere nearby must be the second crate. Push it into the drained pool in the middle as well. Then lower yourself into the drained pool. The easiest spot where you can get down is by the turnable lever. If you want to, complete your circle around the pool and climb down there. Shoot remaining crocodiles if there are any. Move the two crates onto the two trigger pads on the floor. One lowers the gate which separated the water trenches from the rest of the pool. The other opens a grate on the floor which holds a float. Also note the other grate which holds a secret and some ammo. Now its time to get back out of the pool. Keep in mind: You cannot remove any of the two boxes from their trigger pads. Run towards the block with the slightly sloped rock nearby, in one corner, behind the crate which opened the grate on the floor. On the right behind it lies a small medipack. Climb onto the cubical rock and jump onto the slope. Jump again and throw out the grapple to run along the wall and reach the block on the other side. From there jump to the crevice at the wall. Shimmy around to the left. Jump up to the crevice above. There jump backwards to the horizontal bar and jump to the next crevice. Shimmy around to the left. At the other end jump backwards to the next horizontal bar. Swing to the next crevice and shimmy around the corner to the left. Pull up onto the top of the slope. Slide down and jump to the platform in the wall. Shortcut: You might manage to simply jump onto the slope from the below and on to the platform. Climb the gaps on the left side of the opening in the wall to get back up. Turn the lever counter-clockwise to let the water back into the pool.

In the Cistern (4)

Run counter-clockwise around the pool to the other side, where the trenches are. Use the grapple to pull the wooden piece that is now floating on the pool into one of the trenches. Pull it all the way to the end. Then run further around the pool to the side opposite the lever. Climb onto the block underneath the ladder. Climb up the ladder and at the top jump over to the wall on the right, to grab the ledge there. Shimmy to the left end and jump over to the next ledge. Jump straight up to the one above. From the right end, jump up again and shimmy right to get back to the platform where you pushed down one of the crated earlier.

In the Cistern (5)

Jump to the second ledge from the top again and from there up to the top one. Shimmy to the left end and jump to the horizontal bar. Use it to swing to the next platform. Jump to the crevice in the wall and shimmy around the corner to the left to jump to another horizontal bar. Jump on to the second and from there to the next gap in the wall. Shimmy left, around the corner and jump backwards to the next part. Shimmy further left till you can pull up to the spot where the second crate was. Run out onto the outcrop and jump across to the next part of the walkway. Turn right and jump across the gap. Follow the path right and then run over the arch on the right to come to another turnable lever. Turn it counter-clockwise to fill the whole cistern with water.

In the Cistern (6)

Run out onto the walkway and jump into the water.
Find: Turn around and dive down to the left. In the same wall where the lever is, is further right an opening in the grate from where you can reach a niche with a large medipack. Collect it and dive back out. Catch some air. Then dive towards a wall opening on the opposite side, on the right, where you can pick up Shotgun Ammo. Dive back out. This time dive over to the left side of this wall. In an alcove there you can collect a Small Medipack. Dive back to the surface.
Now swim towards the little floating raft. If you have done everything as told it will be floating in front of the exit. If it is stuck underneath the walkways, you will need to let out the water again. Rearrange it and then let the water back in.
Secret (Artifact): Dive down and you will find an underwater lever on the column in front of where the pool was. Use it to open the remaining grate on the ground of the pool. Catch some air and then dive down into the pool to collect the Artifact and the 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo. Dive back up.
Climb out of the water onto the raft, turn to the exit platform, jump there and pull out. Run towards the water pool.

Exiting the Cistern

Jump into the pool and dive down. Let the current take you along the passages till you can resurface in a cavern.

Opening the Temple Door

Climb out of the water to collect the Shotgun Ammo on the right end of the shore. Jump back into the water and dive down. Dive towards the lighter part, further left of the shore. Dive up on the other side. You come out in a huge cavern with a temple. In the water below on the left is an arch stretching across. Swim behind it and then dive down into the tunnel leading underneath the shore of the temple. Climb out at the end and activate the lever at the wall to open the door to the temple.

Getting to the Temple

Dive back out.
Find: Swim over to the left side of the shore. There swim to the left wall and pull out onto the little ledge there. There you can collect Shotgun Ammo and 50 Caliber. Jump back onto the water.
Secret (Artifact): Dive down into the passage in the left corner. From the ground you can pick up the next Artifact. Collect it and dive back out.
Climb out onto the shore in front of the temple. Enter the temple through the open door.

In the Temple

Run into the chamber on the left. As you might have guessed there is a reason for the door being open. Pierre is already there and you have to fight him off in an interactive cut scene. The combination here is:
  • Down (PC) / Circle (PS2, PS3)
    to dodge under his pointed gun and punch him in the face
  • Right (PC) / Triangle (PS2, PS3)
    to grab his gun and give him the elbow

Fighting the Centaurs

When Pierre leaves the temple with the scion two centaurs awaken, he gives the scion to Lara in fear but is stomped into the ground by the centaurs nevertheless. Now it's Lara's turn to fight them. Fighting the two centaurs might seem difficult at first, however once you have learned Lara's new moves like dodge and head shot they can be beaten quickly. Start off by shooting at them and jumping around, till they get enraged. Once they are enraged, they will perform one of two actions - alternating.
  • They will storm towards Lara and the screen turns blurry. (Frontal Attack)
  • They will stop and try to capture Lara in a strange beam. (Petrifying Beam)
Frontal Attack
If they attack Lara, you need to perform the dodge and head shot move. Wait for the arrows to show up - they only do, when you have the hints activated, otherwise you have to time it on your own - then press any desired direction plus Roll or Jump to evade their attack. Then - hold down the Combat Mode Toggle to keep the opponent locked - when the red circle appears, fire a single shot top perform a head shot. Petrifying Beam
Every other time the two centaurs will fire a strange energy beam at Lara when enraged. If hit by the beam for too long Lara will be turned to stone. You can escape from this imprisonment by quickly pressing left/right, left/right... till the stone crumbles. If any centaur kicks you while you are petrified, you will be shattered to a million pieces and naturally die. To escape the beam, turn away from them (the camera too) and run away while changing directions (rolling and jumping) to make them lose you.
Phase One of the Fight
In phase one you can only act during the Frontal Attack and react during the Petrifying Beam. You first need to "disarm" the centaurs - pull their shields from them. In order to do so, you need to perform a head shot. Once one of the centaurs has been stunned, throw the grapple towards the shield he is holding and pull (Interaction) is away from him. It lands on the ground.
Phase Two of the Fight
Now that you have a shield at your disposal, you can change your tactics and also act during the Petrifying Beam. To do so, keep close to the dropped shield. Once they start another Petrifying Attack, quickly pick up the shield (Interaction) and reflect the ray back to the attacker. If he is close enough and you were fast enough, he will be turned to stone. Drop the shield quickly (Interaction) and shoot at the stone-statue do deal damage to him. As long as one centaur still has his shield, they will continue with Frontal Attacks, so I suggest you use the next opportunity to take it from him. This is not really necessary, but it will stop the Frontal Attack from ensuing. Repeat this till both have been turned to stone and shattered to pieces under your gunfire.

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