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14. Final Conflict

The Legless Mutant

Your objective is to get the mutant to fall into the lava by sending it over the edge. (You probably don't have to shoot it till its health bar is gone.) It will try to grab the ledge, so you have to weaken his arms.

On this platform you can find a lot of equipment, two Large Medipacks, two packs of Mini SMG Ammo and one pack of Shotgun Ammo.

By now you have hopefully mastered to perform the head shot, as you will need it once again. Shoot at the legless mutant till it's angry. Avoid performing the head shot close to a wall, as it would not send the mutant over the edge, neither would it hit at the floor with its left arm. Try any of the following two:
Sending it Over the Edge
Make sure you are close to the edge when that happens. Wait for the mutant to charge and then perform dodge and head shot. You need to evade it sideways and then shoot at him to make him fall over the edge. He grabs hold. Immediately start shooting at the arm to weaken it. The first time this happens he will jump back up quickly, but once you have done damage to the arm he will get slower at getting up again.
Weakening the Left Arm
When you perform a head shot in the middle of the platform and the mutant is not sent over the edge, he might hit his left arm onto the floor angrily and get stuck. If that is the case make sure you have it locked on and shoot at it. Do not shoot at the head! It might be torn off, weakening the mutant.

Types of Attacks by the Mutant:
  • Butt Attack - The mutant will raise its butt and then bring it down with full force.
  • Swinging Right - The mutant will swing its right arm at Lara.
  • Grabbing Lara with the Right - The mutant will swing its right arm at Lara and grab her. Then he will smack her down to the ground, killing her.
  • Swallowing Attack - It might be possible that the mutant grabs and swallows you. In this case immediately start shooting and hopefully he will spit you out, before you drown.
  • Swinging Left - This commonly happens when Lara is behind the left arm. The mutant will then swing it back, hurting her a bit.
  • Hitting with the Left - Sometimes the mutant will try to hit Lara with the left.
Continue your attacks on the mutants arm and try to get him to fall over the edge and eventually he will fall down into the lava.

Passage with Lava and moving Platforms

Run into the passage. Jump across the stream of Lava onto the single platform. Turn right and running jump onto the next platform with the Large Medipack. Jump onto the top of the pole sticking out of the lava stream below. Keep your balance and turn to the left. Jump onto the second pole. Continue towards the platform ahead. Pull up. A flying demon will attack you. Kill it, but be careful not to fall off the platform. Use the lever on the right wall. The platform underneath your feet will move into the wall. However a platform ahead is extended towards you. Wait for it to be fully extended, then jump towards it. It will start to withdraw again, once you grab hold. Pull up onto this platform and run into the passage on the right end. Collect the Shotgun Ammo. Run along the passage. At the end you can spot an artifact in an opening overhead. Step into the chamber on the left.

Upper Chamber (1)

Upon entering you are attacked by a centaur. After getting rid of it, collect the Shotgun Ammo and the Large Medipack by the closed door on the left. Run over to the other end and use the lever there. The entrance will close, but the other door will open. Kill the flying demon that appears. Step through the newly opened door and run down into the next chamber.

Lower Chamber (1)

Here you will be attacked by a crawling mutant and another flying demon. After finishing them, pick up the Shotgun Ammo on the left and the 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo on the right. The chamber up the ramp is uninteresting. In this room are two pull down covers behind which you would find a trigger to shoot however I will leave that for later. Jump into the water. Use the underwater lever on the left opposite the circular opening with the closed hatched. It will extend a platform in the chamber above. Climb out of the water again. Climb onto the platform. From there you can shoot the crawling mutant that has been released below. Climb up into the opening in the wall. Collect the Large Medipack. Then climb into the next opening and push out the crate.
Secret (Artifact): Turn around. In an alcove opposite lies the next artifact. Jump there and collect it.
Then return into the upper chamber, where the crate is now.

Upper Chamber (2)

Push the crate towards the platform next to the entrance. Climb up onto it. Collect the Small Medipack there. Kill the flying demon that appears next. I prefer to climb down for the fight. Climb back up afterwards.
Secret (Artifact): Climb onto the platform above the entrance and use the lever there. The entrance opens again. Climb back down and step through, taking the crate with you. Push it outside and against the wall on the left. Climb up and into the alcove to collect the next artifact. Get back down and push the crate back into the chamber, back against the platform by the entrance. You could also do this part after opening the three underwater gates, in this case you would not need to push the crate back into the upper chamber.
Climb onto the platform again and from there jump towards the fiery ledge in the wall. Quickly shimmy left and jump to the second one, before the first ignites. Shimmy further left and jump to the third. From there jump to the ledge of the column in the corner of the room. Shimmy around to the left. There jump backwards and use the grapple to run along the wall. Jump to the other side to grab the ledge there. Shimmy left and jump up to the opening. Pull inside. Collect the 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo. Climb down and collect the Shotgun Ammo. Then climb out on the other side. You come to an area of the room you were unable to reach from the other side. On the wall with the opening is a pull down cover, hiding a shootable target. Jump onto the ledge of the cover to pull it down. Then quickly jump away but immediately turn back to it and shoot to hit the target. If you have trouble locking on to it, you might want to try a different combat mode. Also turn the camera towards the spot. Shooting this target will open one of the round gates in the pool. Now climb over the rocks, back down into the lower chamber. Run towards the opposite side where another of these pull down covers is above a lava pit. Jump onto it to pull it down. Then jump back over the pit and quickly shoot the target, just like you did with the first one. Another round gate in the pool opens. Then run over to the left side where there is another of these covers hiding a target. Kill the flying demon that attacks you after shooting this target. As you have now used all three triggers, the underwater gates are opened.

Three opened Unterwater Gates

Jump into the water and dive down, through the opened gate. Collect the Small Medipack behind the second gate. Dive through into the next cavern and climb out of the water. Collect the 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo, then run down into the passage.

Tricky Lava Passage

Jump onto the first save spot on the right. Hop over the gap and then over the stream to the other side, to the wall ahead. There turn right and run towards the edge. Face right. Your next target it the ladder. However make sure that the moment you jump there you are not hit by the lava falling down from above. From the top jump over to the fiery ledge on the left. Immediately jump up to the safe ledge. Then jump up again to the next fiery ledge. From there jump to the left, to the ledge above a symbol. Shimmy to the left and there jump over to the next ledge on the other side. Shimmy a tiny bit to the left, then let go to grab the lower ledge. Pull up to collect the Large Medipack and hang from the ledge again. Let go to grab the lower ledge. On the right part Lara won't put her feet against the wall. Shimmy as far to the left as necessary to put the feet against the wall. Then jump backwards to the ledge behind your back. Don't climb too far to the left, otherwise Lara would end up in the lava. Let go to grab the lower ledge. Shimmy around to the left and let go to drop to the ground. Turn around and jump onto the floating stone by the lava stream coming down from above. Don't remain here for too long, the stone will sink and Lara will get into contact with the lava. Jump over to the next floating stone on the right.
Secret (Artifact): Quickly turn around to the right and jump onto the third floating stone. Immediately jump again, into the alcove at the end. Pick up the Artifact behind the lava stream. Then return to the entrance. Jump back onto the third floating stone, then back onto the second.
Jump onto the ledge of the wall ahead. Jump up to the ledge above. Shimmy around to the left. From the end jump backwards onto the top of the pole. Turn right, towards the next pole. Watch the opening in the right wall, where from time to time a fire will come out. Once it goes out, jump to the top of the next pole and on to the horizontal bar. Swing to the next floating stone and jump into the archway. Turn left and jump onto the next floating stone and from there to the ladder. Climb up to the top. In the passage is another checkpoint, you may choose if you want to cross if before going for the next artifact.
Secret (Artifact): Turn around. Use the grapple to swing over to the other side. Careful, behind the elevation, on the left is a fire emitter. Collect the Large Medipack lying behind it. Then run over to the right and use the grapple to swing to the next platform with a Large Medipack. Pick it up, then turn to the right. Jump into the alcove there to collect the Artifact. Then jump back to the platform, where the medipack was and jump back to the left. Run to the end and turn left. Use the grapple to swing over to the other side again.

Fighting Natla (1)

Run into the passage to come to a large chamber. On the left you can find Shotgun Ammo and three packs of Mini SMG Ammo In the first part of the fight you need to target Natla's wings. There are three targets on her, the two wings and the main body. Try ignoring the main body. The best method is to use the combat mode: Advanced Toggle, in that case you can use the Combat Mode Toggle-Button to change the target. Concentrate on her attacks of fire bolts. There are two kinds, widespread and straight at you. To escape the widespread attack simply stay in the middle of it. When she aims straight at you, evade with a roll to the left or the right. Shoot both her wings to bring her down to the ground. If you like, you can use the Mini SMGs to speed up this part. In the ensuing cut scene, note the crystal on Natla's back!

Fighting Natla (2)

Now that Natla is on the ground, she will stand between any of the two columns of the arena, sending energy bolts in your direction. Again there are two types, those that you can evade by staying in the middle and those you can evade by a side role. I usually run sideways, from left to right and back again while shooting at her. When I notice that a different attack might come, I stop in the middle.

Shoot at Natla till she's angry. I usually use the normal pistols for this.
Head Shot
Once she comes storming towards you, wait for the right moment to evade. This time instead of evading left or right, press roll and towards her. Some found this easier to do, when they were running towards Natla themselves. When you press roll and forward Lara will leap over Natla coming up behind her back. Press shoot to perform a head shot, when the red circle appears. Do not shoot in between or it will not appear, also make sure that Natla did not touch you before performing the head shot. Once she is hit, she will be stunned for a moment, target the crystal on her back and fire away. If you have done as I told you and have gotten behind her back that shouldn't be a problem.

You get a couple of tries to perform the dodge-and-head shot, however once it has worked, you need to make her angry again and evade her attacks.

Repeat this, till Natla is weakened and an interactive cut scene follows.

Fighting Natla (3)

The combination here is:
  • Up (PC) / X (PS2, PS3) / A (Xbox 360)
  • Down (PC) / Circle (PS2, PS3) / B (Xbox 360)

  • Down (PC) / Circle (PS2, PS3) / B (Xbox 360)
  • Up (PC) / R1 (PS2, PS3) / RT (Xbox 360)
  • Left (PC) / Square (PS2, PS3) / X (Xbox 360)
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