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Nevada - 3. Area 51

Gaming Time: 50 minutes Weapons: MP5-Rifle Secrets: 3

Storage Room

Get out of the truck. Quickly eliminate the guard, before he can operate a switch, which activates laser traps in the weapons chamber at the back. (If he is quicker than Lara and you want to collect the goodies, you have to reload and try again.) Climb over the crates on the left and collect the small medipack. Climb out of the hole and run into the passage. At the end turn left into the weapons chamber. Collect the MP5-Rifle and two packs of MP5 Ammo. Do not operate the switch. Get back into the passage and operate the switch to open a grate. Crawl into the passage. Collect the large medipack on the right.

Laser Traps

Pull up into the next passage. Crawl forward. Hold down the crouch button. There is a laser trap just above your head. Wait for it to get past and then crawl up to the left. Light a flare and pick up the large medipack. Again, wait for the laser trap to make room and crawl back down. Wait for the laser to go left and get up to the right. Jump onto the ladder and climb up quickly.


Crawl into the next passage and then crawl out. Kill the guard before he can trigger a laser trap. Opposite the crawlspace, you can find a switch, which will open a chamber on the left. Use it. Inside the chamber is another prisoner. Collect the small medipack. Get back out. Run to the other end of the passage. (If you find a laser trap, the guard was quicker than you. Crawl underneath.) Turn right and get into the crawlspace. Collect the flares. Climb up. Crawl through the next passage. There you will find a machine gun turret, which will be offline, as long as you don't touch the green laser on the left. Continue along the passage ahead.

Way Out

Turn around the corner to the left and kill the guard before he can close a door, otherwise you will miss some goodies. (I recommend crawling till you reach the crate. Then get up quickly and kill the guard with the desert eagle. Pistols might be too slow.) Now enter the chamber on the right. Pick up the grenades, the rockets and the harpoon gun arrows. (The lever only operates the door.) Get back out and follow the passage to the end. Use the lever at the right wall to drop through the trapdoor.


Stay hidden behind the big pillar. On the left is a guard patrolling. Kill him before he can close the door to Secret 1 and release two dogs. Then collect the shotgun shells in the far right corner. Then enter the crawlspace on the left and collect the grenades, or the grenade launcher. Then drop into the circle passage in the middle. Use the switch. Then drop through the grate in one corner. Kill the guard.
Secret 1: Crawl into the right passage and collect the crystal. Crawl back out.
Then crawl into the other passage. Collect the Desert Eagle Clips in the first corner on the right. Follow the passage and collect the MP5 Ammo on the right. Drop through the trapdoor on the left.

Back Inside

Kill the guard. He loses a small medipack. Run to the end where the passage goes around the corner to the left. Use the switch to release a prisoner. Turn around and follow the passage in the other direction. Turn right. Ignore the guard, the prisoner will take care of him. Get into the crawlspace on the left. (If you run ahead, you will encounter two machine gun turrets, by using the crawlspace you can avoid them.) Pick up the large medipack. Get down the stairs. Collect the shotgun. Crawl out of the passage.

Behind the Machine Gun Turrets

Turn left. (Below you will find a console with a switch. If you use it, you can see a chamber with a guard.) In the passage, you will meet two guards. Take care of the one with the rifle. The prisoner might take care of the other one. (At the other end of the passage is another console with a switch. It will show you another guard in a chamber.) Run into the passage in the middle. (The two chambers you have seen on the screens are the ones left and right.) The door in front closes and the two on the sides open. Kill the two guards as quickly as possible. The right one loses a small medipack.

Code Clearance Disk

Step into the left chamber and use the switch to open a grate in the right. Step into the right chamber and crawl into the passage. Turn left. Run through the green laser. Kill the guard. Run up. Follow the passage to the right. Kill the soldier on the scaffold. Lower yourself down and climb up the ladder on the other side to reach the spot where the soldier was. (Alternatively, you might wand to make a running jump over the railing to reach the ladder. You have to jump manually, approximately half a block length before you reach the railing.) Pick up the Code Clearance Disk from the guard. Return to the other side and climb up the ladder. Return to the passage. Run down. Step outside and climb down the ladder. Turn around. Careful, on the right and ahead are two laser traps which will trigger machine gun turrets. Run ahead and jump over the laser there. Turn right and jump over the other laser as well. Use the disc at the console on the right. (The rocket will be lifted up and reveal a block underneath.)

Hangar Access Key

Get over there. On the left, you can find a small medipack. Climb onto the block. Jump towards the platform on the right, the one with the hook. Grab the ledge and pull up. Collect the Shotgun Shells.
Secret 2: Run past the hook. Shoot the grate on the left. (Lara won't aim at it. Jump up while shooting in its direction.) Crawl into the alcove. Follow the passage. Climb down the ladder. Collect the crystal. Climb back up and leave the secret chamber again.
Return to the block underneath the rocket. Make a running jump towards the ladder at the wall. Hold on to it and climb up. Leave the ladder to the side. Turn around and kill the guard. He loses a Hangar Access Key. Pick it up.


Return to the chamber below. Climb the other ladder back up. Drop down on the other side. Run into the passage below. Run around the pit. Use the key at the end of the passage. Step through the opened door and kill the guard. Run towards the track. Drop down and run to the left. Climb up the ladder on the left wall. Use the switch. (This will move a crate on the track.) Climb back down. Crawl under the track. Turn right and climb up the ladder. Pick up the shotgun shells. Turn around and make a running jump onto the crate.

Laser and Machine Gun Turrets

Climb up into the opening in the ceiling. Run over the first three grates. Then jump up and grab the ceiling. Monkey climb ahead. Note the laser. Follow it and let go as soon as Lara has reached solid ground underneath. Follow the passage. At the end, climb down the ladder. Make a running jump onto the other side. Kill the guard quickly. (If he makes it into the passage, he can call a friend.) Run up the passage on the left. In the broad passage, jump over the three green lasers. If you touch any of them, you will trigger two machine gun turrets. Follow the narrow passage to the left. (You will come past a hangar with an UFO.)

Control Room

Enter the chamber with the crates at the end on the left. Climb over the crates and enter the control room. Kill another guard. Climb onto the console in the middle. Turn left. Make a running jump to grab the ledge of the metal walkway. Pull up. Run to the end and use the trigger there. (This will open the first of the two doors and elevate a panel between those two doors.) Return to the console quickly. (This might attract another guard. In this case, the second switch will also trigger a guard. In this case, you have to repeat the procedure after killing them.) Make a running jump onto the metal walkway on the other side. Climb up and run towards the lever. Use it quickly. Jump down and run through the opened door into the next chamber.

5 Switches

In this chamber, you will find five switches on the left wall. Behind this wall is another guard with a rifle, if you hurry up you can avoid him. Use the second, the fourth and the fifth switch, these are the ones that will show you the hangar doors. Run over the door on the left. It will open when approached. Jump back outside.


Climb back over the crates and enter the hangar. Run into the far right corner. Use the switch. (A platform above the ladder will some down.) Climb up the ladder. Make a backflip when you have reached the lowered platform. Pick up the Shotgun Shells on this platform. From the first pillar, make a running jump towards the metal walkway below. Jump onto the roof of the UFO. Pick up the Launch Code Pass.

Way Back

(Now you have to get back a few steps.) Slide down to the ground. Jump back over the three lasers. Run down. Make a running jump over the track onto the block behind. Climb up the ladder. Monkey climb back to the other side. Drop onto the crate at the end. Jump into the trench on the left. Climb out and return to the passage.

Missile Launch

Drop into the opening. Follow the passage. Use the switch at the end. Enter the next chamber. In the next passage, you will find a console on the left. Use the launch code pass there. (This will open the cover of the switch in the corner.) Use this switch. Turn around quickly and sprint along the corridor to avoid being burned. Wait at the end, till the passage has cooled down. Run through the chamber and return into the other passage. Climb the ladder back up.

Switch Under the Roof

Follow the passage on the left into the chamber. You can now climb up here, as the rocket, which blocked the way, is gone. Climb the ladder in the right corner. Shimmy onto the platform on the right. Climb up the next ladder. Leave it to the left. Turn quickly and kill the guard. Use the switch. Enter the opened passage. Crawl into the gap. Turn right carefully. There you can see a laser. Follow it. When it comes back stand up and jump over it. Then quickly run towards the end. Crawl into the next passage. Crawl out and collect the grenades in the alcove opposite. Then enter the right passage and follow it.

Code Clearance Disc

Climb up at the end. Kill another guard. Then kill the guard on the scaffold. Climb the scaffold from the left. Pick up the MP5 Ammo. Climb back down. Enter the passage. Kill another guard in the chamber. Pick up the next Code Clearance Disc. Then use the switch to open a floor trapdoor in the yard outside. Return outside and drop down through the trapdoor.

Way Back to the Hangar

Watch the laser behind the corner in the passage to the right. Follow it. Crouch under it. Enter the passage on the left. Jump onto the grate at the end. Climb down. Below turn left and run up. (You are now back in the passage with the three lasers and two gun turrets.) Jump over the lasers again and step back into the hangar.

Inside the Hangar

Run into the laboratory at the back. Use the code clearance disc on the console on the left. (This will open four doors. The one behind you leading to the lab. The second one is on the left and leads to a room wit a fish tank. The third is high up at the wall of the hangar. And the fourth is that hatch of the UFO.) PC Users might want to save the crystal in the lab for later. (If you are playing on the PlayStation, then it doesn't matter.) Enter the chamber with the fish tank. Collect the flares and the Desert Eagle Clips. Get back outside.
Secret 3: In the hangar climb the ladder again and leave it with a backflip. Turn right and jump over the pillars. (Short distance with a standing, long distance with a running jump.) Repeat this till you reach the pillar in front of the opened door. Make a running jump into the opening. Follow the path. You will encounter two lasers. Follow the upper laser and jump over the lower one. Follow the passage to the end. Jump into the fish tank. Collect the crystal. Climb back out. This time follow the lower laser and when it comes back jump over it. Walk towards the opening. Hang from the ledge, fill up your energy if you have less than half and drop down.

Enter the lab and collect the crystal. In the dark corner opposite is a small medipack. Collect it as well. Then run out into the hangar and climb into the hatch under the UFO. It's bigger on the inside. Climb up onto the next level. Kill a guard behind the pillar. Climb further up. Kill two more guards. Then collect the Element 115 in the middle.
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