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12. Get Out of Dodge

Version: 2nd draft Story Objective: Meet Jacob at the old railway to escape Trinity.
  • Fight through the Trinity base to the old train station

Fight Through the Trinity Base to the Old Train Station

You are now inside an old control room. There are some things to collect here.
Map: Head over to the right side of the room. On a desk right of the blackboard you can find the Archivist Map which will reveal documents, murals and relic on your map.
Document (12/26): And, as the map will tell you, the next document is nearby. On the table right of the entrance is the next voice recorder titled Fieldwork from the set "Research Notes". You'll get +15 XP.
Now use the axe to pry open the exit door. Step through, turn left and run around the corner to the right.
Relic (7/18): Left of the rope winch you will see the next small chest containing a relic. It is a Patch from the set "Watcher in the Woods" and will reward you with +25 XP. At that point you may get the Achievement Truth Seeker.
You can't cross the water ahead as long as it is electrified. Stand behind the rope winch and shoot a rope arrow into the rope attached to the cable to tether it to the winch. Use the axe with the crank of the winch to operate it and pull the cable from the water to make it safe. (Stand in front of the crank on the right side of the winch, press X to attach the axe and then turn the crank with the left stick counter-clockwise. Let go of the crank with B.) You'll get +100 XP. Now that the cable has been pulled from the water, it is safe to cross. On the other side you can find a Salvage crate on the left. The exit is on the right. Use the axe to pry it open.. Behind the door a couple of soldiers are waiting for Lara. She will take the Assault Rifle from one of them. Use the slow motion sequence to quickly kill the three Soldiers, one who got inside and the two waiting outside, with headshots. Step outside. Two more Soldier appear in the shack to the left. Quickly dispose of them and fight dirty (e.g. shoot the lamp) if you must. Run through the shack and collect the Assault Rifle Ammunition on the left and the Herbs on the right. Do not forget to loot the pockets of your victims. At the other end you will meet two more Soldiers on the left. Besides their pocket contents you can collect some Magnesite Ore. Enter the next shack and two more Soldiers appear. Shoot the red explosive barrel and they won't stand a chance. Then grab the Assault Rifle Ammunition and the Magnesite Ore on the left and exit to the right. Once you stepped out into the fenced area a short cut scene begins. After it you have learned to craft bombs.
To create a bomb out of an empty can you have picked up with X, press and hold RB, just like you would to craft special arrows (e.g. poison). Crafting a bomb requires Magnesite Ore.
Throw the crafted bomb towards the two Soldiers who appeared in the entrance of the next shack. They may survive but be stunned, in which case you can quickly finish them with the axe, or simply throw a second bomb. Once they are finished, you can replenish your spent Magnesite Ore on the porch on the right where you can also find a Salvage crate. Step through the door into the hut, where you will encounter more Soldiers. Kill them and then collect the goodies found here.
Resources: There is Magnesite Ore on the left and some Herbs on the right. Next use the lock pick to open the locker and get the Ammunition or Resources hidden inside, as well as +10 XP.
Document (13/26): Left of the opening in the floor at the end of the passage you can find the next voice recorder titled The Fearful and the Lost from the set "Research Notes", from the lower of the left bunk beds, which will get you +15 XP.
Challenge "Data Corruption" (7/10): In the right corner before you go down the hole you can spot the next red laptop which you destroy for +25 XP.
Drop down into the water passage underneath the hut.
Explorer Satchel: Turn around and find a backpack with a map behind you. This will not only reveal more secrets(Survival Caches) but also reward you with +50 XP.
Follow the passage outside and trudge through the snow. Follow the bend around to the right while taking to Jacob over the radio. You will reach the base camp The Gulag which gets you +50 XP. This base camp is always activated, even on Survivor difficulty. Sit down and listen to the camp journal Keep Moving. You'll most likely have one or more skill points to use and don't forget to upgrade weapons and equipment. If you like you can dress Lara in something warmer. ;-) Near the base camp you can find Hardwood and Herbs. Follow the path further to the left, around the corner. Here you have to squeeze through a gap in the fence. You will be spotted, so this fight it the first one that will test your skills, and that's especially true for "Survivors".
Combat Details
Quickly finish the Soldiers in front of you. You can kill the one on the watchtower by switching to the bow and using a rope arrow to tear it down. If you like, you can also kill the floodlights, but I can't confirm that this will help in any way. Reinforcements will arrive soon, so take care of them. There are more Soldiers to the right, where there are also two more watchtowers. Once the enemies are dealt with and you have walked around the corner, an armoured Solider steps out of the hut and make things really difficult. Use the cans to create bombs which will help against him and his colleagues. And don't forget that poison arrows can be really helpful, even against armoured enemies.

Once all enemies are dealt with, you can have a look around. Examine the first hut on the left. Here you will find some Assault Rifle Ammunition and Arrows on the right, as well as some Magnesite Ore on the left.
Challenge "Data Corruption" (8/10): On a table on the left is the next red laptop you can destroy for +25 XP.
Behind the first hut, near a stack of crates is some more Assault Rifle Ammunition. In the second hut you can find Herbs. In front of the third hut you can find more Assault Rifle Ammunition and inside it Magnesite Ore and a crate with Salvage.
Challenge "Data Corruption" (9/10): Further there is another red laptop inside the third hut, whose destruction is worth +25 XP.
Survival Cache (7/21): In front of the large hut where the armoured enemies came out of, run over to the right corner. In the snow, in front of an air vent, you can find a Survival Cache, providing you with random Resources and +25 XP.
Enter the building and exit to the left.
Survival Cache (8/21): Before you run through underneath the digger, step into the left corner in front of the wooden fence, where there is the next Survival Cache buried in the snow. Besides random Resources it will get you +25 XP.
Run past the digger, crossing the wooden planks and enter the next building.
Challenge "Data Corruption" (10/10): The final red laptop can be found immediately on the left. Destroying it will get you +150 XP and 2000 Credits.
Document (14/26): Right of the laptop lies another voice recorder titled Wounded from the set "Operational Report", which gains you +15 XP.
Go to the left, looting the corpses and then head down the stairs.
Relic (8/18): At the bottom of the stairs on the right you can find a relic inside a tiny chest. It is a Medal from the set "Watcher in the Woods", worth +25 XP.
Leave the building.
Mural (7/12): Before entering the train car, turn right. Next to the exit you can find another mural. It is Warning for the Unjust from the "Soviet Crests". Reading it will improve Lara's Russian +25 XP.
Climb through the old train car. Inside you will find Magnesite Ore. Outside, on the right you can find Hardwood.
Survival Cache (9/21): Run to the left, between the train cars. At the end is another Survival Cache, containing random Resources and +25 XP.
Run to the right and climb into the next train car.
A Cut Scene follows.
You'll get +150 XP.
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