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Pyramid of Osiris

Note: When you have come to harm, vases or braziers that usually hold gems may also contain medkits, so keep destroying them.
Once you start using any weapon besides the Dual Pistols, which have unlimited ammo, you will start using special ammo, represented by the blue energy bar. Ammo can also be found inside vases and braziers. Task: Find a way out of the Pyramid! Challenges:
  • Bronze Point Challenge (40,000)
  • Silver Point Challenge (60,000)
  • Gold Point Challenge (100,000) - Reward: Automatic Pistols
  • Complete Pyramid of Osiris in under 6:00 - Reward: Iron Spirit of Heb
  • Collect 5 Red Skulls - Reward: Weakened Iron Ring of Khepri
  • Free a Skeleton from its sarcophagus - Reward: Max Health Upgrade
  • Knock 3 Skeletons onto spikes with your Remote Bombs - Reward: Max Ammo Upgrade
  • Destroy all of the tomb's Arrow Traps - Reward: Burned Iron Ring of Set
Story: When Carter Bell and Lara Croft engage in a race for the staff of Osiris, they end up trapped inside the temple. Here they meet Isis and Horus and team up with them. full story

First Steps

Shoot the vases in the corners left and right to obtain some gems. Then head across the bridge. On the other side use your torch (PS4: L1; Xbox: LB.) to light the two braziers. Before you head up the two large squares that are raised from the ground, you may want to collect more gems in the antechambers to the left and to the right. On the right you can even hop up to another level with more gems. Then finally hop over the two raised pillars to reach the next level. There are more vases with gems here and and if you don't mind the tricky jumps you can get even more.
More Gems: Go over to the left side of the screen. Further to the left you can spot a corner with a round pillar and a torch on top. Take a running jump to get over there. Hop onto the top of the pillar and from there jump up to the ledge above the arch. On the left end you can find a sarcophagus. Using your bombs you can destroy it and get at the gems inside, before getting back to the upper level.
Once everything is collected, draw Osiris' Staff as a weapon and shoot its beam on Set's Mark, which is the golden glowing orb. (By default the staff is set to the "down" slot on the D-pad on the console version in single player.) The orb vanishes and the door opens. Step through.

The Rotating Eye

In the next area you are greeted by a mysterious eye shooting fire bolts at you. The way through is blocked. Target and shoot the eye. (The game will tell you how.) After a successful hit, the spears to the left will retract opening up the way and the eye will turn its attention to the area on the left. Shoot the vases and grab the gems before you continue. Then get over to the left and hit the eye a second time to open the next barricade. Again, shoot the vases and collect the gems before you advance. You are now in front of the exit but it is still blocked. Hit the eye a third time and the right area opens up. Get over there to shoot the eye for the fourth and final time. After that all gates will open up and you are free to shoot any remaining vases to collect the gems inside. Continue onward to be confronted by Set in a cutscene.

Set's Army

Shoot at the two skeletons attacking. (The number of baddies depends on the number of players. In a two-player game there would be three skeletons here.) Then light the brazier and collect all gems.
Red Skull (1/5): Use the Staff of Osiris to shoot at Set's Mark on the left side of the room before continuing onward. This will open the barrier to the alcove with the Red Skull #1. Pick it up.
Next step onto the square platform with the Osiris Glyph on the right side. Use the Staff of Osiris (PS4: L2, Xbox: LT) to raise it and all players standing on it. Jump to the upper level, where two more skeletons will attack you. Kill them and then once again clear the area of gems from vases and fire braziers. Afterwards use the grapple (PS4: R1, Xbox: RB) on the ring overhead to ascend up the rope. At the top stand on another pillar with an Osiris Glyph and raise it up using the staff to reach the top level. Here you will be attacked by three scarabs. Kill them and then you can once again light braziers and shoot vases. Besides gems you may also find a medkit, if you have come to harm in the meantime.
Red Skull (2/5): Step towards the left edge and rappel down to the Red Skull #2.
Use the grapple once more to ascend to the upper level where there is a pressure pad. Stand on it to permanently open the exit on the level below.
Challenge "Free a Skeleton from its sarcophagus": Now get to the left end of this ledge to find two sarcophagi. Place a bomb (PS4: △, Xbox: Y) next to them, get out of the bomb radius displayed and then detonate it using the same button again. Besides gems you may find two skeletons inside, which will net you the challenge "Free a Skeleton from its sarcophagus".
Get back down and step through the opened gate.

Arrow Traps and Bombs

Dodge roll (PS4: □, Xbox: X) under the flying arrows. (Please note that these are not part of the arrow trap challenge.) In the next area there are two more sarcophagi to bomb on the left side.
Challenge "Free a Skeleton from its sarcophagus" (2nd Try): Again, one of them might contain a skeleton for the challenge "Free a Skeleton from its sarcophagus".
By the nearby column you can see a set of gems glowing through the damaged floor. Use one of your bombs to destroy the floor panel and get to the gems. Two more of these spots can be found in this section, one on the other side of the stairs you came up, on the right and the third one also on the right, close to a tall burning torch right of the exit. There are also two medkits near the exit on the left you can collect. Next use your bomb to destroy the dart emitters blocking the door.
Challenge "Destroy all the tomb's Arrow Traps" (1-5/35): Destroy all five Arrow Traps for part of the challenge.
Step though the cleared doorway.

Spike Pits

In this next part you will be attacked by skeletons and scarabs.
Challenge "Knock three Skeletons onto spikes with your Remote Bombs": Here you can attempt another one of the challenges. Use your bombs to try and catapult the skeletons into the spike pits. You have to get three skeletons to land on the spikes. You will get more opportunities to try this throughout the level, but I recommend to try to get at least two here. If you restart the checkpoint, before killing the last enemy, they will respawn and allow you to try again, if you fail. Make sure that you do not have any items equipped that make your bombs more powerful, otherwise skeletons may get destroyed before being catapulted into the pit. A larger bomb radius has no negative effect, however.
Once all enemies are dealt with, you may light braziers and destroy crumbling floor tiles to get more gems. Afterwards use the grapple and attach it to the ring across the spike pit. Hop over.
Max Health Upgrade: If you did not collect it automatically, rappel down to the Max Health Upgrade to obtain it.
Now climb up the rope to reach the level above. There are more braziers and vases with gems here.
Challenge "Destroy all the tomb's Arrow Traps" (6-8/35): More importantly there are three more Arrow Traps here that have to be destroyed for the challenge. You can safely do so from behind. A skeleton might be set free.
Next use the staff to hit Set's Mark, which opens the next door.

Spike Pits and Arrow Traps

Head down the stairs where not only two health kits but also a Vulnerable Iron Ring of Strength are waiting for you. Use a bomb and shoot the vases to free the gems. Head down the stairs to be greeted by more arrow shooters.
Challenge "Destroy all the tomb's Arrow Traps" (9-11/35): Jump across the gap to the right and destroy all three Arrow Traps.
Challenge "Knock three Skeletons onto spikes with your Remote Bombs": If you don't have three already, you also get another chance to knock a single sleeping skeleton into the spikes, on the platform on the right. Place your bomb so the immobile skeleton is within its radius, and the skeleton is between the actual bomb and the spike pit. Detonate it so the skeleton is catapulted into the spikes. Once again: Remember not to raise the bombs' power. Be warned: If you do not catapult the skeleton off the platform, towards certain death, it may awaken.
Now get back to the main path but stay on the left to avoid the darts. Get to the end and hop across the gap.
Challenge "Destroy all the tomb's Arrow Traps" (12-14/35): Once again destroy all three Arrow Traps.
Challenge "Knock three Skeletons onto spikes with your Remote Bombs": There is also another immobile skeleton here, in case you are still missing one.
Once the path is safe you can go back to clear the vases and open up the floor panel for gems. Afterwards, jump across the gap to the platform on the right. You will be surprised by a horde of skeletons.
Challenge "Knock three Skeletons onto spikes with your Remote Bombs": If you have not completed the challenge yet, strategically place your bomb so you catapult a few more of these nasties into the spikes.
Now approach the flying darts. Stay on the left side of the path and round the wall blocking the path during the pause between arrows.
Challenge "Destroy all the tomb's Arrow Traps" (15-17/35): Destroy all three Arrow Traps.
Afterwards you are free to go back to the previous walkway to shoot vases and destroy the floor for gems.
Red Skull (3/5): Stand on the pillar with the Osiris glyph and raise it with the staff to reach the next Red Skull #3.
Now jump across the gap to the right and find the gate closed. Duck past the flying arrows. (In replay you may use a rocket-launcher or similar weapon to dispose of these traps easily.) Now hop over the gap in the wooden platforms. Stepping on the pressure plate will open the gate.
Challenge "Destroy all the tomb's Arrow Traps" (18-20/35): Then use a bomb to destroy the three Arrow Traps.
Jump back to the other side and step through the opened gate.

Crumbling Bridge

Run out onto the bridge and jump the gaps till the cutscene with Ammit starts. After the scene keep on running and jumping to overcome the collapsing bridge, till you reach the walled passage. Here you can take it a little slower. You can use bombs on the sarcophagi, and sometimes you will find gems in the left ones. Jump over the first spiked roller. Again, there are sarcophagi here and the ones on the left contain gems. Dodge roll under the set of double spiked rollers. Once more the sarcophagi on the left contain gems. Jump across the single spiked roller at the end.

Sun Balls Puzzle

In this next chamber you have to get two balls onto the starting platform, it does not matter if you begin left or right. Collect the gems lying around, placed on pillars or hidden in braziers or vases whenever you like.

Go down the stairs on the right. At the end of the walkway you will find a sun ball. Grab it (PS4: ◯, Xbox: B) and roll it up the stairs and into the nearby receptacle cage.

Now head over to the left. Get onto the platform with the Osiris glyph and raise it up to discover it is one of the spiked columns that are found in this area. From here jump towards the second spiked column towards the top of the screen and from its top continue up to the next level, where the second sun ball resides. After collecting the gems, push the ball down to the previous level.
Red Skull (4/5): Roll the sun ball towards the spiked column on the left, climb on top of it and from there carefully jump to the top of the spiky pillar to grab the red skull.
After that is done, roll the ball up the stairs and place it in the second cage.

Once both balls are placed the walkway will be extended. Collect the Submachine Gun from the fallen grave robber. (In contrast to the Dual Pistols for which Lara carries unlimited ammo, using the Submachine Gun will use up special ammo, represented by the blue energy bar. Once you have used some, there is a chance you find ammo inside vases and braziers.)

Enemy Encounter

Then head across the extended walkway. Three flaming skeletons and countless green scarabs will attack you. After you have disposed of them head up the stairs. Don't forget to loot vases for gems. At the top and down a few steps use your bombs to search the sarcophagi. Near the one at the end you can find an amulet, the Iron Fire Flail. Hop down to the right, where you find more sarcophagi - sometimes with skeletons inside - to destroy and gems to collect, besides one of those spiked columns. Climb up onto the next level on the right and you will raise a new kind of enemy, two skeletons with a bow that shoot fire bolts. Evade their projectiles while shooting them. They will soon be joined by more regular skeletons and green scarabs. After all enemies have been dealt with, and all remaining gems have been picked up, attach the grapple to the gold ring and pull yourself up. On the next level, use the raising block with the Osiris glyph to reach the next platform, where there are some gems to grab.
Red Skull (5/5): Before you continue, take a running jump towards the narrow pillar with the grapple ring attached to land on top and collect the final Red Skull of the level. Then return to the previous platform.
Stand on the next raising block with Osiris glyph and use the staff to reach the top. Go left to grab the three gems, before running to the right.

Ammit Chase

Now Ammit will be chasing you so continue running. Please note that rolling will make your character move faster. Collect gems at your own risk. First you have to manoeuvre between stationary spiked columns, before you encounter a series of spiked rollers where you have to jump over the first, roll under the double set, jump over the third and once again roll under the last one. Up next is a set of two moving spiked columns you need to evade.
Challenge "Destroy all the tomb's Arrow Traps" (21-23/35) Now you have to deal with three arrow traps. Make sure you've gained a good headstart by rolling and then quickly use a bomb (or if you're in replay a rocket launcher or similar if you prefer) to destroy all. (Since upcoming arrow traps keep alternating left and right during the chase scene, it is probably best to play this with at least two players so one can take care of the arrow traps on the left and the other of the ones on the right.)
Next you will have to evade first a moving spiked column, then a pit with a moving spiked roller and another moving spiked column.
Challenge "Destroy all the tomb's Arrow Traps" (24-26/35) After that another set of three arrow traps comes up on the right.
In the next part you have to get past some columns with skeletons with bows that shoot fire arrows on top. After those you will come up to a square with an Osiris glyph.
Max Ammo Upgrade: Stand on the Osiris glyph and raise the spiked pillar quickly. From there jump across the tops of the moving spiked column. There are five of those, alternating between stationary and moving. On top of the last one is the Max Ammo Upgrade.
Next you need to jump over a moving spiked roller while staying on the central walkway. Run past a set of columns with shooting skeletons with bows on top and jump another set of two moving spiked rollers.
Challenge "Destroy all the tomb's Arrow Traps"(27-29/35) Now head over to the right side because the next set of three arrow traps you need to destroy is coming up.
Then comes a combination of spiked columns and spiked rollers. It's up to you if you jump from column to column or take your chances in the trench below.
Challenge "Destroy all the tomb's Arrow Traps" (30-32/35)Immediately after that are the next three arrow traps on the left.
Run past more spiked rollers by running across either narrow walkway while avoiding the roller.
Challenge "Destroy all the tomb's Arrow Traps" (33-35/35)Quickly head over to the right, where the final set of three arrow traps await you.
Continue along the crumbling walkway, evading potholes. At the end quickly use the grapple to climb up. This is where the level ends and you will obtain the trophy A journey begins. You will be transported to the hub level.
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