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1. A Faint Light

Version: 2nd draft Task:
  • (Escape the Cave-in)
  • Climb Out of the Cave
Region: Cozumel Caves Finds: 0 Collectibles
4 (automatically collected) Artifacts (Trinity Badge photo, Hidden City Riddle photo, Hydra Constellation photo, and Maya Date photo) Story: the story so far
Cozumel Caves

(Escape the Cave-in)

Repeatedly press the interaction button (PC: E, PlayStation: Square, Xbox: X) quickly to use the knife and pry the rock pinning Lara's leg down loose. Steer Lara up the narrow chute.
Photo: After escaping, Lara will find a climbing axe and a fallen soldier sporting a Trinity Badge which will be added as entry to the artifacts collection "Lara's Notebook" (1/11).
Head up the slope towards the craggy wall.

Climb Out of the Cave

When approaching the craggy wall, you are prompted to axe climb. Use the jump button (PC: Space, PlayStation: X, Xbox: A) to jump up along the wall and make your ascend a little faster. Then use interaction (PC: E, PlayStation: Square, Xbox: X) to attach to the wall. Then use the directional controls to move up the wall and slightly to the left. You will come to an overhang. Jump up and Lara will automatically attach the axe to the overhang. Climb further up and to the left. When you reach the overhang ledges, use jump to get up. Run along the ledge and follow it to the secret chamber.
Photos: During the cut scene Lara will take the three photos Hidden City Riddle, Hydra Constellation, and Maya Date from the "Path of the Stars" (1-3/8) artifacts collection. The Maya Date photo contains hidden information. To obtain it, examine the left side more closely once you regain control of Lara.
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