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3. Hunter's Moon

Version: 2nd draft Task:
  • Explore the ruins
  • Get to the top of the pyramid
  • Exit the temple
  • Get through the dig site
Region: Cozumel Finds: 8/9 Collectibles (For the 9th collectible we will need to obtain the lockpick and use fast travel to return, which we will do during the last level City of the Serpent)

Explore the Ruins

Run up the stairs and crawl into the opening. Pick up the Endurance Plants (Bolete) on the right side of the path, then continue on ahead and crawl through the next gap. Head down the stairs into the water passage. On the pedestal is a monolith that Lara can not read.
Mural (1/2): Explore the ante chamber to the left where you will find the mural Heart of the Serpent from the artifact collection "Exodus" (1/7). It improves Lara's knowledge of the Maya language Mam and reward her with +35 XP.
Just to the left of the mural is a Resource Container for +15 XP. Then get to the end of the chamber. Here you will be prompted to use rope-pulling to remove the barricade wrapped in rope.
Challenge "Whistle in the Dark" (1/5): Just look straight ahead to see a jade coloured item, a death whistle carving, dangling beyond the spears. Shoot it down to start the challenge. You obtain +10 XP.
Before taking a step further, cut the rope of the spear trap by using the melee button (PS: Triangle, Xbox: Y). Get past the spears. At the bottom of the ramp, squeeze into the passage on the right. Follow the dark tunnel into a large water cavern.
Challenge "Whistle in the Dark" (2/5): Look up to the right side of the cave to spot another death whistle carving you can shoot down, close to the stone column. It is worth another +10 XP.
Resources: Begin by exploring the left side. Head over to the ruins to find an Endurance Plant (Bolete) in the corner. Continue along the passage and find another Endurance Plant (Bolete) a the end. Inside the small ante chamber you will find a Resource Container (+15 XP). Now return to where you entered.
Resources: This time face the right side, where you find a Resource Container with +15 XP at the corner.
Survival Cache (1/3): Jump across the gap and follow the ledge to the end where you'll be able to dig up a Survival Cache worth an additional +25 XP.
Relic (1/2): Then step through the opening in the right wall. Face the wall on the left and perform a wall jump to reach the ledges above and climb up. Run ahead and out to the left. On the right side you will find a small box containing a Ceramic Jar from the set "Exodus" (2/7). You'll obtain +25 XP and improve your knowledge of Mam. You can examine this item to find hidden information. Look inside it.
Resources: If you head down the stairs from here and look to the right, you will find a barrier. Here you will need the Reinforced Knife, a gear item you are currently missing. This gate is only of interest if you need to return here at the end of the game to collect items you have overlooked, which will not happen, if you follow this walkthrough. From the blocked entrance turn towards the jutting ledge facing the pool. From here look up to the right to see an ornate ledge with a horizontal bar to its left. Jump over to this ledge and pull onto it. Here you will find another Endurance Plant (Bolete). After collecting it, jump to the horizontal bar to swing to the next ledge. Run ahead towards the large vase where you will find another Resource Container with +15 XP.
Jump into the water.
Resources: Dive into the opening in the north wall (below the ledge you just visited) where you will find a focus plant (senna). Further along the water tunnel is another Resource Container (+15 XP). Return outside by diving through the opening to the right of the container and resurface.
Relic (2/2): Dive down to the bottom of the pool to find a box with the second relic Carved Bowl from the artifact collection "Exodus" (3/7). This item holds hidden information. Look at it on the inventory screen and examine the gem-like silver square on its side. You'll obtain +25 XP and improve your knowledge of Mam. It will also bring you one step closer to the trophy/achievement Underwater Archeologist (1/5) for collecting underwater artifacts. Catch your breath.
Survival Cache (2/3): Dive down again and find the opening in the south wall, just opposite of where you found the carved bowl. Just ahead, inside the underwater cave you can dig up another Survival Cache worth +25 XP. And further along you will find another focus plant (senna). Dive back outside and resurface for some air.
Now dive down and into the main tunnel in the east. Near the entrance, on the right, you can grab another focus plant (senna). Squeeze through the narrow gap and continue along the water passage on the other side. You will come past a pocket of trapped air. Press the interact button (PC: E, PS: Square, Xbox: X) to catch your breath before continuing. Further along the passage you will be attacked by a moray eel, but Lara can shake it off. Dive up towards the light and move upwards through the gap. You will reach a spot where the surroundings are closing in on Lara. Repeatedly press the interact button (PC: E, PS: Square, Xbox: X) to squeeze through. You are rewarded with +50 XP. Once you are on safe ground again, Lara will find another Resource Container for +15 XP directly ahead. On the left is another spot where Lara is missing the appropriate gear, the Reinforced Knife. When revisiting the passage behind would allow you to bypass the underwater tunnel you just ruined.
Archivist Map: On the low wall on the right side of the cave lies the Archivist Map, which will mark a mural and a document you have not found yet on the map, and also get you +25 XP.
Challenge "Whistle in the Dark" (3/5): Turn to face the water hole. The next death whistle carving can be found on the left side, behind a pile of rubble made of bars and cages. You obtain +10 XP.
Enter the next passage and follow the stairs up. Careful when entering the next part. Cut the rope which serves as a trigger for the next spear trap. Duck underneath to get to the other side. At the top of the stairs jump towards the craggy wall and use the axe to scale it. Pull up.

Get to the Top of the Pyramid

Run towards the edge and turn right. There take a running jump towards the counterweight with a bell inside and pull onto it. Lara's weight will take it down a bit and raise a second one up. Jump to the ledges of the next counterweight slightly to the right and climb it. From here jump towards the lowest ledge of the third counterweight located to the left. Climb to its top. From here jump towards the safe ledge, with a wall scramble if needed. Feel free to ignore the fourth counterweight to your left, it is a dead end for now. Run over to the right and up the few steps. On the left, in the corner you can collect some hardwood. Head down to the right, to where you will find a resource container (+15 XP). Run to the back. Explore the right corner, where you will find a crate containing salvage. Now get over to the left and run up the narrow crumbling stairs. At the top you will find a cart standing in front of a blocked opening. Use rope pull to destroy the barrier then give the wooden cart a push from behind to send it downhill. It will land on the third counterweight from a moment ago and raise up the fourth. You will obtain +50 XP. Instead of following the cart, run up the stairs on the left.
Resource: At the top of the stairs, turn around. Jump onto the platform behind you. In the corner you can find some Gold Ore. This will get you closer to obtaining the trophy/achievement Untold Riches (1-5/40), for collecting gold ore. Hop back to the other side.
Head out onto the ramp and from there jump towards the next counterweight. Turn to face left. Jump towards the next counterweight in line and grab its ledge. Climb up, and don't panic when one of the ledges breaks off, simply grab the one below and jump up. Pull up, on top of it.
Challenge "Whistle in the Dark" (4/5): Look straight ahead. In line with the rope of the counterweight you are on, just beyond the pillar of the balcony to the left you can spot the next death whistle carving. Shoot it and be rewarded with +10 XP.
Then hop over to the balcony. I prefer to jump onto the stairs in the leftmost corner, because Lara can land there, making having to grab the ladder unnecessary.
Document (1/1): On the pedestal on the left wall, in the first alcove, you can find the first document Rearguard Report, which is part of the "Metamorphosis" Artifacts (1/9). It improves Lara's knowledge of Mam and rewards her with +25 XP.
Follow the balcony to the end, to find a post wrapped in rope. Use a rope arrow to tether it to the rope coil up on the ledge above to create a rope line. Jump up and climb the rope line to reach the other ledge. You will obtain +50 XP.
Missing Gear (Lockpick):
If you look back, you can spot another rope coil in an alcove above the ledge you just came from. You could create a rope line from here, while standing underneath the rope coil and you would even be able to get some ore, however the more important item over there, a Treasure Chest cannot be opened without a lockpick, which we will purchase in Paititi, during the level The Hidden City. We will return for this chest at the very end, before the point of no return in the level City of the Serpent. See also: "Cozumel" overview. So for now, save yourself the trouble of climbing over there.
Survival Cache (3/3): From the anchor pole or while climbing the rope you may have spottet a twinkling light on a lower ledge, as well as the craggy wall on the right side of the ledge. Hang from the ledge, traverse to the right and climb down the craggy wall. Rappel down as far as you can. Now start swinging forwards and back and when at the highest point jump towards the lower ledge. Remember: Tap the button for rappelling once to start the descent (PS2: L2 or R2, Xbox: LT or RT), then use the directional buttons to climb up or down the length of the rope. Hold the button for rappelling to hold position and use the directional buttons for swinging. If in doubt, check the Survival Guide for Rappelling and Rappel Swing. On the left side you can dig up the third and final Survival Cache of the region. You will get +25 XP.
Explorer Backpack: Still on the lower level, a few steps further from the survival cache you can find an Explorer Backpack. It contains a map which reveals Crypt, Treasure Chest and Survival Cache locations; so in our case just a single Treasure Chest, for which you don't have the necessary gear. You will obtain +25 XP. From the end of the ledge perform a double jump to reach the craggy wall. Grab it with the axe and climb up and slightly left. Another wall scramble let's you reach the top ledge. Pull up.
Mural (2/2): By visiting the lower ledge you have bypassed a mural and some resources, so you might want to turn left first. Be very careful and note the rope spanning across the path. When coming from the back, after visiting the lower ledge first, you will be on the side of the rope with the spear trap, so you need to jump across to the other side before cutting the rope to disarm it. Do so. In the small niche directly on the left, facing the chasm, you can find another Resource Container for +15 XP. Step through the arch to the front part of the ledge. On the left, again facing the chasm is the Temple of the Moon mural from the artifact collection "Exodus" (4/7). It will increase Lara's knowledge in Mam (55%) and reward her with +35 XP.
Now follow the path in the other direction to continue and - if you haven't done so yet - disarm the spear trap to get past it unharmed. At the end of the ledge jump to another counterweight. Turn slightly left to face the craggy wall leading up to a large ledge and jump over there to climb onto it.
Step out onto the wooden turntable. When you look up ahead, you can see another wooden cart there. Run up to it, stand behind it and push it down the hill. Now run up the slope to the left (west), towards a winch. On the right side is another crate with salvage inside. Stand at the crank and use the axe to turn it clockwise till the handle of the cart wrapped in rope faces you. Then let go of the crank and, remaining in this spot, use a rope arrow to tether the cart to the winch. Now attach the axe to the crank again and wind it clockwise to pull the cart up the slope. Let go of the crank again and approach the rope. Use the knife to cut it and to send the cart down the slope and crashing into the counterweight that was stuck, this will lower and in turn raise the other counterweight. You are rewarded with +100 XP.
Challenge "Whistle in the Dark" (5/5): Remain where you are for a moment longer, looking into the direction the cart just went. If you look up to the wooden beams protruding from the ceiling, you can see the final death whistle carving dangling from its right end. Shoot it down to be rewarded with +100 XP for completing the challenge, which will most likely also get you your first skill point. Further this will count as the first challenge for the Up to the Challenge (1/5) trophy/achievement.
Head down and stay on the right side. Run up the protruding ledge and from there jump onto the counterweight. Quickly continue towards the rope ladder on the left. Up at the top follow the ledge around. In the corner you can grab another Resource Container (+15 XP). At the end of the ledge perform a double jump to grab the narrow ledge. Traverse around to the right. A group of bats gives Lara quite the scare so quickly perform a saving grab before continuing along to the right end of the ledge. Use the axe to climb down the craggy wall and then rappel down to the plateau of the pyramid.
Lara finds an ancient dagger, the Key of Chak Chel and takes it.
You will receive the trophy/achievement Día de Muertos.
Photo: Lara also obtains a photograph of the Key of Chak Chel which is added to the "Path of the Stars" (4/8) Artifacts.

Exit the Temple

Run up the stairs, collecting a Resource Container for +15 XP shortly after the first landing, and reach a weak wall at the end. Here you will have to use the axe and press the interact button (PC: E, PlayStation: Square, Xbox: X) repeatedly to break through it. You exit the cave and are back at the dig site.

Get Through the Dig Site

A Trinity worker appears and you will be instructed in the vine wall movement. Follow the instructions to stealthily kill the guy. This will earn you +40 XP and count towards the trophy/achievement Like a Shadow (2/25). Then loot him for ammunition and resources. Head towards the lift and there turn to face the left wall. Jump up the wall. Make your way up the slope. Lara will automatically hop down on the other side. She takes cover behind a low wall, sneak out and into the patch of vegetation on the left. A little to the right is another vine wall that can conceal you. There are several more hiding spots around.
Enemy Encounter
There are three enemies in the next area, which you can kill any way you like. I will pick a silent approach which will also advance a couple of trophies/achievements. Move into the grass on the left. Then begin by killing the Trinity worker on the left who is smoking a cigarette with an arrow to the head. This will count towards the trophy/achievement Marksman (2/20). Use an arrow to make some noise by shooting it into the red corrugated iron fence over on the right side. One of the two enemies will go investigate. This is your opportunity to kill the other one silently, with an arrow to the head for Marksman (3/20). Sneak up on the third from behind Kill the third and you are done.

Loot the enemies to get more ammunition and resources. Over on the right side, early on, by the wriggly tin walls, you can find a medkit (+2 cloth, +2 medicine). On the left side, behind the running lorry, you can find a Resource Container with +15 XP. Run past the generator. On the right you can collect some cloth and another Resource Container (+15 XP). Jump up the wall at the back. And jump up the second wall as well. The next area is crawling with enemies.
Enemy Encounter (1)
Lara slides down and hops into the vegetation to hide. This is also a good spot to get the Gunslinger Trophy/Achievement, alas without a silencer this can become a pain in the butt, but keep it in mind for New Game +, when you have a silencer. We will take this quietly now: Quickly move into the vine wall and from here take out the next Trinity worker in melee, while his two buddies are deep in conversation. Now use the distraction tactics again to separate them by making some noise over on the left. Take out one, then the other with headshots using the bow. This might get you the Look, Over There! trophy/achievement for killing three enemies while they are distracted. Next, target the guy up on the wall on the right and finish him off with a headshot.
Resources: Quickly loot all fallen enemies in the first area for their ammunition and resources. Over on the left, behind the crates there is also a Resource Container (+15 XP) in form of a reddish box.
Then perform a double jump to get up onto the wall where the single enemy was.
Resources: On the right end you can find some cloth and in the front is a Resource Container with +15 XP, a medkit, and finally some rifle ammo near the front edge.
In the next yard are three more workers. One just below you smoking and two in the back talking to each other. Distract the two in the back and then take out all three with headshots one at a time.
Enemy Encounter (2)
A second wave of enemies begins after killing the ones in the yard and this time they are aware of Lara's presence. Lara automatically switches to the rifle, so let's use that to dispose of the enemies on the stairs in front of the arch. You can shoot the red explosive barrels for an added effect. If you get rid of these enemies before they can spread out, it is going to be easier on you. If you need to vanish, retreat to the area at the back and hide in the vegetation again to take out enemies when they come searching for you. For finishing the combat encounter you will earn +250 XP.
Resources: After the encounter, loot all fallen foes for ammunition and resources. Climb the wall over on the left, there is a yellow ladder leading up, to find another medkit and a Resource Container with +15 XP. Also on the left side, but on ground level, you can find some cloth. By the crates, as well as by the forklift, is some more rifle ammo.
Head up the stairs and through the arch.
Resources: In the room on the right is another Resource Container worth +15 XP.
Back in the previous room break open the wrought iron gate using the axe by repeatedly pressing interact. Step through and through the door on the right.
Lara is attacked by Trinity and the dagger is taken from her. A flood wave is incoming and carries Lara off.
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