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13. Empty-Handed

Version: 2nd revision Task:
  • Escape the Cenote
  • Return to Paititi
Region: Cenote, The Hidden City Finds: Cenote: 1/3 base camps
The Hidden City: N/A

Escape the Cenote

At the beginning of the level you are rewarded with +250 XP and somewhere around here you will automatically discover the base camp Cenote Tomb (3/3).
You are being chased by the Yaaxil, so hurry out of there. Continue straight and use the grapple axe to swing across the gap and obtain +5 XP. Follow the path on the right and quickly jump up to the next ledge. Pull up and run further along. The path curves right and at the end the wooden walkway breaks off, so jump across the gap. Scramble up the wall and obtain another +5 XP. Run up the stairs and to the left, then use the grapple axe to swing across the gap. Jump across the next gap grabbing the ledge. Pull up, earning +5 XP, and jump across the next gap. Turn left and jump across the gap grabbing the ledge and pull up. Continue ahead and jump up to the next ledge. After pulling up again, another gap will appear in front of you, so again jump to the upper ledge. Pull up and run up the slope curving up to the left. From the end dare one final jump to the ledge below you. Lara will pull up and slide down into the water on the other side. You will obtain the trophy/achievement The Underworld.

Return to Paititi

Swim along the passage. When the ceiling gets too low, dive down and continue along the tunnel, diving up. You will come to a pocket of trapped air where you catch your breath. Then continue along the water tunnel curving upwards still, till you can emerge at the top.
The Hidden City

Swim to shore and head up the slope. You will obtain +100 XP.
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