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16. Downpour

Version: 2nd draft Task:
  • Find Jonah
  • Evade the Helicopter
  • Defeat Trinity
Region: Riverbed, Porvenir Oil Fields

Find Jonah

Right at the beginning you are rewarded with +500 XP and you obtain the photo Commander Rourke from the artifact collection "Lara's Notebook" (9/11).
1st Combat Scene
You begin the level hiding in a vine wall. Make your way to the mud patch and add a little camouflage to Lara, then get close to the mud wall. You might want to consider using endurance boost, as this is a good spot to perform the stealth takedowns needed for the "Made to Endure" trophy/achievement. Watch the Trinity solider at the patch of grass on the right. As soon as he turns his back, sneak up on him and perform a stealth takedown with the knife. Then quickly turn him into a trap by holding the button for special ammunition PS4: R1, Xbox: RT and immediately go hide in the mud wall again. Now patiently wait for one of the other soldiers to investigate and get himself killed in the process. Sneak over to the patch of grass on the right and from there get to the mud wall in the centre of the area. Sneak around to the right and watch the two soldiers over on the left. Roll over to hide behind the two grey storage crates where you can grab a can. Craft a smoke bomb and throw it at the two enemies. Then sneak up on them and take them down. If you are seen, try swinging the axe around. After a couple of hits you will be able to kill an opponent. When they engage in a melee attack, try evading and countering.

Loot the enemies, then search the area for fat and medicine. Then scramble up the wall behind the storage crates to reach a generator. Here you will also find a crate with salvage. Balance across the tree to the right where you will find a perception plant, then step close to the left edge.
2nd Combat Scene
Take down the next enemy with a melee attack from above. Then get into the water and dive down. Wait for the two enemies to split up, then take down the one staying near the pond by pulling him under water. Exit the water and use the mud patch near the tree for some camouflage. Sneak ahead and make your way to the mud wall. Quickly climb up onto the ledge on the left. Here you will find some medicine and a bottle. Use it to craft a molotov, then throw it at the two soldiers. If you haven't gotten it yet, this will earn you the trophy/achievement Playing with Fire.

Once they are looted, climb up onto the next ledge to the left of where the stream comes down.
Document (1/4): Continue straight. To the left of the waterfall, lying on the ground, you can find the document Journal of T. Serrano 9 from the artifact collection "Gates of Hell" (6/7). You are rewarded with +25 XP. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
Turn left and approach the ravine. The ground will start shaking and you will earn +100 XP. Step out onto the jutting ledge and jump across the ravine. Use the grapple axe to grab the ledge on the other side and climb up. Jump up at the craggy wall and scale it. At the upper end jump to the overhang and continue upwards. At the top jump up the ledges and pull onto the plateau. Here you will discover a new base camp The Beach (1/1) and earn +25 XP. If you have some skill points to spare, which you most likely will, I recommend you get "Serpent's Fury", one of the Scavenger skills (green) which allows you to take down two enemies in melee successively. Around the camp you can collect some fat, black powder and salvage.
Document (2/4): Right next to the base camp you can find the document Not Yet? from the artifact collection "Trinity" (8/10). You will obtain +25 XP. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
From the camp make your way along the ledge while listening to Rourke. Follow the stream upwards and duck underneath the fallen tree to get to the next combat zone.
3rd Combat Scene
The enemies here have thermal goggles, which means that they can see Lara hiding in bushes. She will have to have a solid wall between her and a goggle-wearing enemy. Wait for the two none-goggle-wearing enemies to lose interest in the animal and turn their backs, then quickly make your way over to the left patch of vegetation and take out the enemy while he is still distracted. Just in case turn him into a gas trap and quickly continue to the left to hide in the vine wall. Continue to the second vine wall and from there get over to the left to where you can find two cans. Use one to make some noise behind the left vine wall and quickly hide in it again. The second goggle-wearing mercenary will come to investigate. Stay hidden behind the wall and then quickly take him out. Make your way over to the left again and this time grab one of the bottles. Turn it into a molotov and throw it at the two guys inside the shack. Quickly return to the vine wall to evade the remaining enemy. Take him out from any hiding place.

Loot the fallen enemies, then search the area for fat (4), cloth (2) and medicine (2). Then squeeze through the gap in the shack to reach the next area. After the fight it might be worth backtracking to the base camp when you're playing on Deadly Obsession, although it doesn't always take and you might have to do part of the fighting again.
4th Combat Scene
Decorate yourself with mud at the mud patch and then very quickly take out the goggle guy on the right. Turn him into a gas trap then move on to the mud wall in front of you. Here you wait till the second goggle-wearing enemy has turned his back, then quickly make your way over to the shack on the right and hide in the mud wall there. Sneak up onto the mercenary at the computer and take him out when no one is watching. Turn him into a gas trap as well and quickly retreat to first mud wall. When the path is clear carefully make your way to the next mud wall in the centre of the area, right next to the generator. Sabotage the generator to attract one of the mercenaries and take him out when he moves in to investigate. Then sneak around the back on the left and take out the next mercenary who has turned his back on you. Quickly retreat before you are seen. Get back to the centre and move towards the next mud wall further along, facing to the right. Move to the front and take out the mercenary there. Stay concealed from the goggle wearer. Wait for the opportune moment to take him out from the mud wall, too. Then duck behind the crate on the right and look over to the left. Grab one of the bottles and turn it into a molotov to take out the two mercenaries on the left.

Loot the enemies and search the area for fat (5), cloth (2), medicine (1) and a medkit. Head up the path beyond where the last enemies were, to the left of the explosive barrels. Scramble up the two ledges. You will obtain +100 XP. Make your way down the jungle path to the right. At the end jump to the craggy wall and rappel down. Here Lara will find a bow and unlock the skill Jaguar's Fear, which allows her to use fear arrows from now on. You will earn +50 XP. Get into the next area.
Mural (1/1): Turn to the left to find the mural Mama Zara from the set "Pantheon of Gods 2" (8/8) will reward Lara with +35 XP and improve her Quechua. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
Document (3/4): Further along on the left side, behind the pillar of the ruins you can find the document The Truth from the artifact collection "Trinity" (9/10). It rewards you with +25 XP. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
On the right side of the area and down the stairs you can find three endurance plants, some hardwood and a resource container with +15 XP. Continue through the brick arch and climb the tree at the end.
5th Combat Scene
Shoot the mercenary below you with a fear arrow and he will take care of one of his comrades. You will earn +50 XP. Kill the single mercenary remaining however you like. The quickest way would be a simple melee kill from above. Quickly climb onto the next tree and from here jump onto the plateau. From here you can use fear arrows to eliminate all the mercenaries below, if you do it right, without being seen. But watch out for enemies climbing up to your hiding spot, so try to keep them at bay.

After they have been dealt with, loot them and search the area for three endurance plants, two occurrences of feathers, four crates or bundles with cloth, some hardwood, two crates with salvage and a resource container with +15 XP. Head upwards and squeeze through the gap in the fence. You will obtain +100 XP. Follow the path while listening to Rourke.
Document (4/4): Behind the pipe occasionally emitting a flame, on the left side, you will find the document A Lost World from the artifact collection "Inside Out" (2/7). It rewards you with +25 XP. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
Follow the path further along.
Archivist Map (1/1): Before you reach the blue lorry on the right, you will find a yellow barrel with an Archivist Map on the right. It will add the collectibles of this region to the map and rewards you with +25 XP. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
Relic (1/1): Just beyond the lorry, over on the left you can pick up the relic Hardhat from the artifact collection "Inside Out" (3/7). You will obtain +25 XP. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
You have now completed the Porvenir Oil Fields region 100%.
Run out onto the bridge. A Cardinal (helicopter) and Paladin (armoured car) will appear and begin shooting at Lara.

Evade the Helicopter

Lara takes the zipline to flee. Run along the metal walkway to the end. Jump off and use the grapple axe on the tower. Pull up and climb the handholds. Scramble up to the upper ledges. Two mercenaries will begin shooting at Lara from the left so jump to the right. The pipe Lara is holding on to will swing out. Traverse to the right and climb up to the next ledge. Perform a double jump towards the upper ledge and again to reach the top. Pull up and balance across the narrow bar to the right and at the end jump off to the metal walkway. It will collapse and catapult Lara forward. Grab the next ledge, and traverse to the right, around the corner. Jump to the right towards the lift and climb up its ledges. Perform another double jump to reach the top ledge. Pull up, balance across the bar and jump to the ladder. Begin climbing. At the top bar traverse to the right and around the corner. Jump up towards the railing above you. The tower is hit and begins to collapse, sending Lara down into the water. You will obtain +250 XP.

Defeat Trinity

After the cutscene you are in possession of another rifle. Use this to shoot the first Trinity mercenaries in front of you. Then seek cover behind the container on the right or the low crates on the left. Shoot the red barrel on the right to take out the next mercenary, then shoot one of the barrels on the left to kill two more. Loot the fallen enemies and pick up the rifle ammo before moving to the next area. There is a single mercenary up on a scaffolding to the right of the path. Kill him then advance. Run out into the next open area and seek cover behind the left of the circular tanks. Take care of the mercenaries up on the left first, especially those advancing on your position. After you have killed the first wave, Cardinal 2 appears and takes position on the right. Circle around the tank to the left to remain in cover. Wait for pauses in the helicopter's attacks, then aim at one of the red barrels around. This will cause an explosion erupting from the fuel lines hitting the helicopter. Again wait for the Cardinal to stop firing before you shoot at the next barrel to cause another hit. Repeat this a third time and the helicopter goes down.
Lara and Jonah are reunited
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