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18. Via Crucis

Version: 2nd draft Task:
  • Follow the Stations of the Cross
  • Swim to Safety
Region: Mission of San Juan

Follow the Stations of the Cross

You have to follow the stations of the cross described in the pamphlet "Seven Steps Closer to God" which is found in the Miracle Mission artifact collection. Stations I and II (pick up the cross and fall the first time) are already behind you.
Jesus Meets His Mother (III)
In the centre of the room you will find a set of tracks with a cart holding a mirror. Pull the cart with the mirror into the light in the middle. The door Jonah is examining will open. Step through and follow the narrow passage littered with crosses. You will come to a chamber with a statue of Mary. Approach Jonah and wait till you can speak with him. He will give Lara a boost, allowing her to reach the mirror and dust it off. You will obtain +50 XP.
Veronica Wipes his Face (IV)
Follow the light beam to the right, into the next room. In its centre is a contraption with a mirror which can be turned. Lara tries out a lever in an alcove on the right (north-west) and is almost caught in a trap. Examine the other three alcoves. The next one along the right wall (south-west) contains a fresco which depicts Jesus and a woman. The third one along the right side (south-east) has a corpse in it. And finally in the fourth alcove (north-east) shows Jesus excepting the cross. So all in all we have two to choose from and since the station is "Veronica wipes his face", we will need the fresco depicting Jesus and a woman. Get to the mirror in the centre of the room and stand at the crank. Use the axe and turn it clockwise, so the light points at the south-west mural, which is the first one you will come to. [Screenshot] Get into the niche an push the lever inside. (If, despite my instructions, you have chosen the wrong niche, you will die.)
Jesus Falls a Second Time (V)
The floor beneath their feet collapses and Lara and Jonah fall down into the next passage. Follow the passage and squeeze through the cross-shaped opening at the end.
Jesus is Crucified (VI)
They are Lifting Him
Examine the three depictions on the left. From left to right these are: "they are carrying him", "they are lifting him" and "she's wiping his face". "They are lifting him" is part of the crucifixion. Pull the mirror on the cart into the light beam. Then attach the axe to the crank and rotate it clockwise to move the beam to the centre depiction. Be very precise with the alignment of the light beam to reveal the lever for it. Run to the push-lever and activate it.
Jesus, nailed to the Cross
Now head over to the right side to examine the depictions there. From left to right these are: "Jesus, nailed to the cross", "he's taking up the cross" and "he's carrying the cross". Obviously, "Jesus is nailed to the cross" is the one that is part of the crucifixion. Push the Cart with the mirror over there into the light beam. Then stand at the crank and turn it clockwise to direct the light to the leftmost depiction. Again, be very precise to unlock the lever. Then get over there to push the lever.
Jesus is Entombed (VII)
Another door opens.
Lara and Jonah find Lopez and the box.
You will obtain +150 XP.

Swim to Safety

Dive into the water tunnel in front and squeeze through the gap. Then dive into the passage to the right. At the end push through the rubble using the interact button. PC: E, PS: Square, Xbox: X In the next part continue ahead and up, struggling along the narrow tunnel with corpses all around.
Lara returns to the library, finding Jonah captured by Trinity.
You will obtain another +250 XP.
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