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19. Veni Vidi Perdidi

Version: 2nd draft Task:
  • Get Through the Trinity Forces
Region: Mission of San Juan

Get Through the Trinity Forces

You are now in a yard with Trinity mercenaries. Make sure to take them out quietly. If you have not gotten the "Made to Endure" trophy/achievement yet, this is another good spot to work on it, so activate endurance boost.
There are five mercenaries in this area. At the beginning there are three in the front and two at the back, but one may move to the back after talking on the radio. You can use the vegetation patches and distraction tactics by using silent arrows shot into a nearby wall to try and take out the two mercenaries silently. There is also a can which can be used to craft a bomb near the low wall on the left. Now, with a bit of breathing room, you may want to consider using fear (left) or lure (right) arrows on the three mercenaries at the back. The first option may bring you closer to obtaining the Total Party Kill trophy/achievement. You may also make your way along the right wall and use the mud patch for camouflage. Then hide in the mud wall to take out enemies from there. On a crate at the other end there are also a couple of bottles which can be used for Molotov cocktails. If at anytime you should be seen, switch to the rifle to take out the enemies quickly.

When you have finished the enemies, loot them and pick the medicine plant. Then make your way to the other end of the yard and to the left. Here turn right and left again, where you can climb through an opening into the next area. You will obtain +50 XP.
Combat (2)
Immediately hide in the vine wall on the left and check out your surroundings. If you are not yet camouflaged, use the mud patch, then hide again. Once again fear or lure arrows are a good option here to take out the Trinity mercenaries without endangering yourself. If you should be spotted, hide in the back corner where you entered and aim your rifle at the opening, this way you should be able to mow down anyone sticking his head in. If you engage in open conflict, there is also an explosive barrel over on the right.

After the fight, loot the enemies and search the area for more medicine plants, as well as some fat and black powder at the back. Then make your way over to the wooden gate on the right side. Scramble up to climb over it and reach the cane fields. Duck into the vegetation.
Combat (3)
Observe the three nearby mercenaries. You can try and take them out individually from hiding spots or again use lure and fear arrows to your advantage. Once the first part is cleared, make your way to the second part. There are seven more mercenaries here, so advance carefully and try to sneak past them in the cane fields to surprise them from behind, or simply sneak past all of them unseen. Make your way into the ruins at the back on the left and follow the stairs up into the next area.
Combat (4)
The next part will result in open conflict. Quickly take cover behind the low wall and get the rifle ready. There is a canister here which you can use to craft an explosive and throw it at the incoming mercenaries. Also shoot at the explosive barrel over by the ruins on the left, where a couple of mercenaries have taken cover. When they throw molotovs or explosives, switch cover to the wall further left, where there is also some rifle ammo to find. Using the endurance, focus and perception boost may also be useful.

/ After the fight, quickly loot the fallen foes and collect all ammunition. Then make your way to the building on the left. At the back you can collect some cloth. Use the axe to pry open the door in the north-east corner of the building and step through. Make your way to the helicopter.
Witness how Jonah is pushed from the helicopter. Abby arrives to take care of Jonah and Lara sets out to follow the helicopter.
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