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20. Falling Apart

Version: 1st draft Task:
  • Outrun the Landslide
Region: Mission of San Juan

Outrun the Landslide

Lara will be chased by a landslide. Run ahead and jump over the gap. Run up the left stairs and from the end jump to the lamp post. Swing to the roof of the next building below you where Lara slides down. Continue running out onto the beam and jump towards the next lamp post. Jump off and while in the air use the grapple axe to swing across the chasm. Continue running and jump over the fallen lamp post. Run into the building on the left and out on the other side. Jump towards the post in front of you. Pull up, onto it and after it has swung around, run to the left end and jump to the next ledge. Lara stumbles along and is send down a slope. At the end of the slide jump off to the next platform. From here jump towards the rope slide. Lara lands on another slide which sends her down to the left. At the end jump off and immediately use the grapple axe to cross the gap. Lara will continue sliding. At the end jump off to the lamp post and use it to swing to the next slope. At the lower end jump off to land on the building part appearing from the left. Continue along it and jump off to another grapple point for the axe which you have to use. Run along the crumbling ledge and jump towards the second part. Run and jump to the third and final part. At the very end jump into the water.
Lara and Jonah return to Paititi to speak to Etzli.
You will obtain +500 XP and the trophy/achievement Back to Where We Started.
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