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There are 16 challenges in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.



Whistle in the Dark
Necessary Equipment: /
Guide: For the "Whistle in the Dark" challenge you need to find and shoot 5 "Death Whistle Carvings".
All these are also listed in the proper walkthrough for the level Hunter's Moon.
  1. The first one is located just beyond the first crumbling wall you pull down using rope arrows. Before disarming the first spear trap.
  2. The second one is found in the cavern where Lara first has to go diving. It is located up on the right side when viewed from the entrance.
  3. The third one is after diving through the water tunnel and emerging on the other side. Turn around and look left over the water hole.
  4. The fourth one is in the large cave with the pyramid. While climbing the counterweights, after using the cart to weight one down, from the last counterweight look over to the balcony where you have to go next. It is right next to the column at this balcony.
  5. The final one is found on the large plateau with the larger cart puzzle, just after sending the cart down, while still by the winch, look up to the ceiling of the cave in the direction the cart took downhill.

Reward: 100 XP
Level(s): Hunter's Moon

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