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Peruvian Jungle

Work in progress! Note: Click on the names of collectibles to find them in the walkthrough.


Map with all Collectibles


Please note that the level Brave Adventurer is technically also found during the Peruvian Jungle section.

Base Camps

There are also two camps which belong to a challenge tomb and which do not count for 100%: Jungle Cavern and Canyon Ruins.


Both challenges can be done fairly early during your visit to the region. All necessary challenge objects can be located around the Plane Wreckage base camp.

Ruffled Feathers

For the challenge "Ruffled Feathers" you need to find and shoot 4 oropendola nests. These look like long stretched bundles dangling from trees. There are plenty of those in the (northern part) Peruvian Jungle (around the Plane Wreckage camp), but you will only need to find 4.
  1. One can be found just a few steps from the "Plane Wreckage" base camp. From here look down the overgrown path to the south-east, opposite of where you found the handkerchief.
  2. Another one can be found to the left of the large gnarly tree and can be spotted from the elevated rock formation where you cut one of the two ropes to get to the bow, when looking to the south east.
  3. Another one is to the right of the large gnarly tree and can be spottet from where the yellow storage containers landed, when looking south-east, towards the cliff wall.
  4. Another one is found just where you need to tether one pole to another to cross the ravine when searching for Miguel. Just look up
  5. A spare one can be found after using the rope to climb to the other side of the gorge and following the trail left by Miguel and the Jaguars. After climbing down a steep wall, follow the bend and look up to find it.
  6. Another spare one is just beyond the previous nest.
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Flower Picker

"Flower Picker" is the second challenge in the Peruvian Jungle. Just like Ruffled Feathers it is located in the northern part, near the "Plane Wreckage" camp. The flowers you need to pick are all up on tree branches. Glitch note: If you can't find any such plants, reload the checkpoint or leave and re-visit the area.
  1. From the elevated rock formation where you cut one of the two ropes to get to the bow, jump towards a tree branch to the north-east.
  2. On the branch of the tree just in front of the ledge up to the challenge tomb. Can also be reached by getting onto the elevated stone ledge and running up the sloped fallen tree and jumping to the branch. A curved branch would allow you to continue to the challenge tomb.
  3. For a whole bunch of these, approach the ravine, now run to the left end - where an opening (with a survival cache in its mouth) allows you to get to a lower platform with a puddle and a document at the edge of the ravine - just at the upper end you will find a tree with scratches where you can jump up to reach the branch and collect the flowers.
  4. Still up on the tree use the curved branch to swing to the next tree and hop to the second tree, where another flower is. This tree is at the edge of the watering hole, close to the white-red tarp flapping in the wind.
  5. Still up here use the next curved branch to swing towards another tree where you can usually find a nest with feathers - which is just a little further from the white-red tarp. Jump on towards the next tree - still on the edge of the watering hole, above the pole with rope wrapped around it that allows you to cross the ravine on the other side.


There are 44 Collectibles to be found in the Peruvian Jungle region: 2 Tomb Steles, 1 Treasure Chest, 2 Sarcophagi (crypt treasures), 9 Relics, 13 Document, 7 Mural, 9 Survival Caches and 1 Monolith treasure. Maps are technically not collectibles, as in you do not have to collect them for 100% completion, but I will still list them here.
It is possible that I have not found all the maps, as they are not a must for finding all collectibles. If I am missing one, or if you find any other mistakes or something remains unclear, send me an email by just adding the ".com" to the address printed in the footer menu.


Challenge Tombs

There are two challenge tombs in the region.
  • Underworld Gate (Base Camp: Canyon Ruins) The second tomb is located in the southern part of the region, just by the Jungle Ruins base camp.
  • Judge's Gaze (Base Camp: Jungle Cavern) This one is located in the northern part, around the area with the "Plane Wreckage" base camp. From the camp head down towards the watering hole and turn right. You come by a stony wall with yellow markings. The tomb is up there. You will need the climbing axe to enter the tomb, so you can not visit it the first time you locate it.

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest: After obtaining the lockpick from a merchant in Paititi, fast travel to the Base Camp Plane Wreckage. Head down to the main area and go straight, to reach the pole wrapped in rope. Run left along the plateau and approach the edge. Hang from the ledge and use the axe to climb down. At the bottom jump to the ledge on the left and again to reach the opening. Pull inside and follow the tunnel to the Treasure Chest.


There are two crypts in the region that reward Lara with a sarcophagus.
  • Rimak, the Storyteller This one is located in the area with the "Plane Fuselage" base camp, where Lara is reunited with Jonah. From up by the plane jump down into the water. The crypt is up on a ledge at the north-western end. To get up there either scale the ledge on the right and jump over using the tree branch or use the other tree, near where you found a document, the craggy wall and the slope.
  • Urqu, the Scout This one is located in the northern part, around the area with the "Plane Wreckage" base camp. From the camp head down towards the watering hole and turn right. Head straight, past the challenge tomb entrance on the right, and climb up at the end to find the entrance.


There are nine relics in the Peruvian Jungle region.


There are 13 documents in this region.


Survival Caches


There is one monolith in the Peruvian Jungle region.
  • Monolith (Quechua), located at the bridge puzzle halfway between the "Plane Fuselage" and the "Jungle Ruins" base camps and reachable from both ends.
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