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Kuwaq Yaku

Work in progress!


Until I have found the time to create a composite map, please refer to these two single maps for all collectible locations.


There are four levels associated with this region.

Base Camps

There are five regular base camps in the Kuwaq Yaku region. Additionally there is one in the challenge tomb and two which only appear after visiting an area, which can be used to fast travel if you need to return to pick up forgotten collectibles. Please note that only the first five count towards the 100% completion.


Nam Deus

"Destroy 5 sacrilegious jungle totems". There are at least six totems in the area.
  • From the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins Camp run up to sets of stairs, then go straight to the edge. The first totem is up above you.
  • Hop down and run over to the right. When you reach the wooden platform up in a tree to the left of a path in the south-east of this open area, look up to the right. (Alternatively: From the Hunting Grounds base camp, head up the hill, then turn right. Follow the path straight. After the second red barrel, where the area opens up in front of you, look up to the left.) There you will find the next totem.
  • From this totem turn back and go along the left side of the rock formation there. You can find two totems on the second tree, between the rock formation and the barrier you could shoot with the shotgun.
  • Follow the open area to the north-eastern end, to where the entrance to the challenge tomb is. The final totem needed is just overhead in the entrance to the cave before the entrance with the yellow marks.
  • A bonus totem can be found on the last tree in front of the yellow markings for the challenge tomb.

Crude Awakenings

For the challenge "Crude Awakenings" you need to shoot 5 red oil barrels. Two are around the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins base camp north of town, the other three are in the area north-east, directly south from the hunting grounds.
  • From town head north and exit towards the east, past a red building on the right and a sign saying "bienvenidos" on the left, past a parked jeep. The first barrel is just down the path to the left. From the Hunting Grounds base camp this is just up the path.
  • From the previous barrel turn right and the barrel is found at the pond just by the Hunting Grounds base camp.
  • From the Hunting Grounds base camp, head up the path (coming past the previous two barrel locations) and turn right (north) the barrel is just below a wooden platform, shortly before reaching the hunting grounds.
  • The fourth one is found after exiting the little pond north of town, east of the temple, during the level Path of the Dead. It is standing near a puddle by a blue corrugated iron sheet. From the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins base camp head up the stairs and keep left to head down again. It is down to the right.
  • The final one is further along the path from the area you've examined during the Path of the Dead on the way back to the temple. It is just up a short set of stair from the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins base camp.

Bottom Feeder

For the challenge "Bottom Feeder" you need to harvest 5 aquatic plants. There are plenty of aquatic plants around the area in the different ponds and the lake.
  • Countless (5+) aquatic plants can be found in the lake south of town.
  • At least 2 are in the pond north of the city you come by when making your way back into town during Path of the Dead.


There are 54 Collectibles to be found in the Kuwaq Yaku region: 2 Treasure Chest, 4 Relics, 18 Documents, 10 Murals, 14 Survival Caches, 3 Monolith Treasures and the 3 Tomb and Crypt rewards. Maps are technically not collectibles, as in you do not have to collect them for 100% completion, but I will still list them here.
It is possible that I have not found all the maps, as they are not a must for finding all collectibles. If I am missing one, or if you find any other mistakes or something remains unclear, send me an email by just adding the ".com" to the address printed in the footer menu.

Note: Not all collectibles are linked here yet, however you will find the ones obtainable during the regular playthrough all listed within the story levels (find them linked at the top). And everything else is on the maps. (Beware, the mural that is found in the lake is hidden below the "EN" of "LEGEND" on the southern part of the map.)



There are 4 relics to be found in the region.


Fever Dreams: One of the isolated documents that are easy to miss is located north of town in the hunting region with a monolith on an elevated pedestal. It is in a niche that has to be opened using the shotgun. It is Fever Dreams from the artifact collection "Search for the Hidden City".


Mural: One of the murals that is easy to miss is found under water in the lake south of Kuwaq Yaku. It is located in the western part of the lake.



There is one regular merchant in Kuwaq Yaku. He can be found in the repurposed ruins at the northern end of town opposite the Temple of Life.

Travelling Merchant

After visiting "The Hidden City" (Paititi) and completing the mission "Find Takiy's Dice", a travelling merchant can be found at several locations throughout the game.
This merchant sells the lockpick and rope ascender.
In Kuwaq Yaku:
  • She can occasionally be found at the small beach a the eastern part with the lagoon, around the "Hunting Grounds" base camp.
Other Locations:
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