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The Hidden City (region)

Work in progress! Note: To reach the items in the part north-west of Paititi, above the "Fishing District" base camp, you need to first do a mission for ... Uchu probably (one of the fetch this royal item missions)... to unlock the cave. Then, from the aforementioned camp go a little to the left and climb the tree. Continue climbing.


Until I have found the time to create a composite map, please refer to these five single maps for all collectible locations.

Points of Interest

  • Skull Cave - The skull cave becomes accessible during the level "Rebellion Lives". It is located on the eastern shore, below Unuratu's hut. To find the cave entrance, go down the stairs from the market and cross the wooden bridge to the farming terraces on the other side. Up the stairs on the left and up the rope ladder at the back wall. The entrance is just to the left of the next stairs leading up.


Base Camps


There are six challenges in the Paititi region.

High Diving

To complete the challenge "High Diving" you need to find 4 high dive locations within the boundaries of the Paititi region and perform a swan dive from the platforms down into a pool of water. There are more than 4 such locations, some of them on the path to or from tombs, crypts or story missions, so you should not have any difficulties with this challenge.
  1. High Dive #1 is found during the level Path to the Hidden City, when making your way from the (locationless) "Quipu Overlook" base camp, past the grapple swing ravine, towards the city of Paititi. It is hard (or even impossible) to miss.
  2. High Dive #2 is found a the rice fields in the north-east of Paititi, in the area of the Unuratu's Home base camp. You will need the reinforced knife to cut through the braided rope barrier.)
  3. On the way to the challenge tomb in the very south of Paititi. (Dive through the water passage from the nearby hut or climb the steep cliff wall to reach it.)
  4. ...

Changing the Weather

For another challenge you need to use the bow to rope-pull down 5 "frog totems". While using the bow is generally not possible within Paititi just aim up at the rope-covered pole and Lara will use rope arrows on this bit. These challenge items are all located in the western part of Paititi, in the district above the market.
  1. From the base camp Paititi Market follow the staircase up towards the dyers' house and run past it, following the staircase behind it. At the first opportunity turn left into a yard to find the first frog totem attached to a beam at the hut. (In the Walkthrough I actually come from the other side, making this the second challenge object to be found.) Ftra
  2. From where the previous totem was run through the house and find the next frog totem at the same hut just on the other side in the narrow alley. (In the walkthrough I will come from the other side, making this the first totem to be found.) [Screenshot] (map location)
  3. From the base camp Paititi Market follow the staircase up towards the dyers' house and run past it, following the staircase behind it. At the top turn right, where the blue washing has been hung out to dry. You come past a group of dancing Paititians.
    Alternatively, from the base camp "Temple district" head down the large stairs. Go straight, onto the grassy patch, leaving the downward-leading stairs on your right. Run across the wooden walkway ahead and turn right to cross the next wooden walkway. Turn left, then right, then left down the stairs to the yard at the bottom.
    The next frog totem is attached to a beam of the hut on the left, just next to the stairs. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  4. From the previous totem look at the large house to the left. The frog totem is attached to the other side of the house. Walk up the stairs, turn left and turn left again. Look up.
  5. The final frog totem is found not far from the fourth. With the large house to your back - from the place in front of the Shaman's house in the south-west head down the stairs with the arch and turn right - follow the stairs down, immediately turn right up the next stairs. Go left, left, right to get through the house and out on the other side. The frog totem is just there.

Keep Calm and Carrion

  1. The first nest with Condor feathers is found atop the craggy wall near the Temple District base camp, in the far right corner in front of the temple. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  2. On a thatched roof, overlooking the fishing district, close to the rope ladder (the upper of two) and rope slide located near Unuratu's home in the north-eastern part of Paititi. Jump there after climbing the rope ladder to the top. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  3. The final Condor feathers can be found up on the ledge in the north west of Paititi, Lara reaches when climbing up the white tree from the Fishing District base camp when retrieving the Savior's Amulet. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  4. Additional Condor feathers an be found on a wooden scaffolding that marks the beginning of the rope slide leading down to the ruined huts in the south of Paititi, near the Village Caves base camp. To get there, take the stairs up to the west, beyond the woman speaking with her daughter and at the top make a u-turn to the right. Get into the remains of a hut, where you can find hardwood and jump up the right wall.
  5. On a wooden scaffolding of the larger house which had a frog totem at the back. It is in the other square, where people are danging. Climb up there from inside the house. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  6. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  7. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  8. Across the gorge at the eastern end of Paititi, near a crypt. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)

Speak of the Dead

For "Speak of the Dead" you need to uncover 4 crypt secrets. Please note that the crypt of Manko, the Peasant Savior is part of a mission and does not count towards the challenge.

Dropping Decimals

For the challenge "Dropping Decimals" you need to use the axe as grapple and pull down 3 "hanging quipus".
  1. One can be found in the western part of Paititi, between to huts. From the base camp Paititi Market follow the staircase up towards the dyers' house and run past it, following the staircase behind it. At the top turn right, where the blue washing has been hung out to dry. You come past a group of dancing Paititians. Turn left up the stairs where there was a pink frog totem on the hut to the right of it. At the top turn right heading straight towards the straw-roof of the hut that held the frog totem. To the left of it you can walk out onto a wooden walkway above the alleys of the district. Walk out onto the second wooden walkway to the left. Up here turn to look right (north-west).
    Alternatively, from the base camp "Temple District" head down the large stairs. Go straight, onto the grassy patch, leaving the downward-leading stairs on your right. Step out onto the wooden walkway ahead and turn to face left (north-west).
    You can see a hanging quipu there. Jump over there and while in the air use the axe to grab hold of it and pull it down by swinging on it. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location) [walkthrough section]
  2. From the base camp "Temple District" run to the other side of the big stairs and find the stairs leading up at the cliff wall. At the top follow the passage around to another set of stairs. The next hanging quipu is to the left. Jump over there and pull it down using the axe. You land near the Yucatec monolith in the south of Paititi. [Screenshot] (map location) [walkthrough section]
  3. The final one is found in a different region than the others. It is located in the abandoned village. West of Paititi. From the wooden bridge that connects the region with the Skull Cave and the farmlands, head towards the western cliff wall. A little to the right, right of the waterfall an artificial pond you will find a muddy entrance. Follow this into the abandoned village. The hanging quipu is located above the Abandoned Village basecamp You can reach it by climbing the spiralling stairs. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location) [walkthrough section]

Dunkin' Bones

"Knock 3 skeletons off their poles into the river." From the description you can gather that all these challenge objects can be found at the river - not the little one in the middle of Paititi but the large one in the east, separating the Upper City from the prison.
  • The first one is found shortly after passing the "Ancient Aqueduct" challenge tomb, where you have to perform a wall run. It is on the left. [Screenshot] (map location)
  • The second of these skeletons can be found where you need to rappel down from a craggy wall to swing to a platform. It is at the left cliff. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  • The last one is at the part where you need to climb on the overhang.


You can find all missions listed here: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Missions


There are 145 Collectibles to be found in the Paititi region: 3 Tomb Steles, 3 Treasure Chest, 5 Sarcophagi (crypt treasures), 28 Relics, 42 Document, 23 Mural, 34 Survival Caches and 7 Monolith treasures.


Challenge Tombs

Treasure Chests

There are three treasure chests in Paititi. Before you can open them, you need to obtain the lockpick from the travelling merchant.



  • Ceremonial Pipe from the set "Cult of Kukulkan", found inside the tower at the market
  • Chuspas found inside the dyers house near the Paititi Market base camp.
  • Burial Mask: At the same location as the Explorer Backpack.
    (Travel to the Paititi Market base camp. From there head up the staircase opposite to enter the house of dyes the first opportunity you get. At the right end you will find a water pool. Swim through the opening in the wall and dive along. There is a Resource Container with +15 XP in the water tunnel. Resurface in the cavern.
    Alternatively, from the base camp, head up the small staircase to the west, located right of a tree and an opening leading to a kind of catacomb under the hut. Follow the next stairs on the right into the hut. At the back follow the tunnel down to the left to reach the water filled cavern. )
    Climb out to where the Explorer Backpack is and jump up the wall. Vault onto the next ledge and crouch-walk to the adjacent chamber. On the right you will find a box with a Burial Mask from the artifact collection "Metamorphosis", worth +25 XP which will improve Laras knowledge of Mam. There is also some gold here.
  • Incense Burner on the ledge above the "Temple District" base camp, reached by scaling the craggy wall to the right of the temple. (There are also some Condor feathers, jade ore and the mural "Silver-Crowned Mountain".) [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  • Macuahuitl inside the temple in the temple district. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  • Copper Mace from the set "The Resistance", found inside the Skull Cave.


(see map above for now)


(see map above for now)

Survival Caches

(see map above for now)
  • Cache (1) located near the Paititi Market base camp, in a narrow alley between the camp and the market. You can feel this one vibrating through the wall when collecting resources behind the stall with the chicken. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  • Cache (2) is a Yucatec monolith riches cache in the south of Paititi. "Canals bring water to the arid parts of the village, and they washed me away." It is found at the lower end of the narrow canal running from the monolith in eastern direction, to a mud patch at the foot of the stairs leading to the southern cave of Paititi. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)


(see map above for now)


Merchant (1 - male)

The first merchant can be found at the north-east corner of the Paititi market. He sells the Serpentwood Bow (4200), the Atlatl Bow (5800), the Hunter's Quiver (2200), Vestige: Mantle of Six Sky (5600) and Vestige: Kantu's Boots, besides Silent and Fire Arrows.

Merchant (2 - female)

The second merchant can be found on the southern side of the Paititi market. She sells the the Satchel (2600) and the Knife Upgrade (2900), besides common resources like Medicine, Perception Plants, Focus Plants, Endurance Plants, Salvage, Eagle Feathers, Condor Feathers, Jaguar Hide, Black Powder, Black Wolf Hide, Albino Capybara Hide, and Empress Jaguar Hide.

Travelling Merchant (Lockpick, Rope Ascender)

The lockpick and rope ascender are sold by a merchant in Paititi. In order to obtain the items, you have to first finish the mission "Find Takiy's Dice" which is located at the wooden bridge in Paititi. The woman selling the lockpick and rope ascender is met during this mission. Besides where you initially found her there are other locations where she might appear.
In Paititi:
  • She is initially found in front of the hut where there were two frog totems. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  • At the rice fields in the north of Paititi, on the eastern side of the river/lake. She is located on the third level, in a hut. (From Unuratu's home head down the first set of stairs and turn right.) [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  • In Upper Paititi, at the marketplace, in the house with the treasure chest in the north-eastern corner of the market. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
Other Locations:
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