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Mission of San Juan


Until I have found the time to create a composite map, please refer to these two single maps for all collectible locations.


There are four levels associated with this region.


Raise the Flags

  • The first one is out by the gate where the jeeps are parked, near the Mission Gate basecamp.
  • Where you meet Sara, the archaeologist. At the edge of the river, between the cross and the pole with rope.
  • From the town square head north-west. It's in the corner; right outside the school.
  • At the back gate of the mission. On the other side of the school, in north corner.
  • Beyond the bridge that has fallen into disrepair in the south, near the "Ruined Tower", not on the side with the base camp but on the other side.



  • Damage Repair - inside the school


Travelling Merchant

After visiting "The Hidden City" (Paititi) and completing the mission "Find Takiy's Dice", a travelling merchant can be found at several locations throughout the game. This merchant sells the lockpick and rope ascender.
In Mission of San Juan:
  • She can occasionally be found at the deserted cloister outside the challenge tomb "Tree of Life", at the beginning of the ruins, to the left.
Other Locations:
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