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Controls (SotTR)

Control Schemes

MapTabTouch Pad(left menu button)
Pause MenuESCOptions(right menu button)
Up, Down, Left, RightWSADleft stickleft stick
Cameramouseright stickright stick
WalkCtrlleft stick lightlyleft stick lightly
SprintShiftleft stick buttonleft stick button
Survival InstinctsQright stick buttonright stick button
Interact/Axe Attach/GrappleESquareX
Melee Attack / FinisherFTriangleY
Aim (hold)R MouseL2LT
Shoot Base Ammo (while aiming)L MouseR2RT
Craft Base Ammo (hold)L MouseR2RT
Shoot Special Ammo (while aiming)M MouseR1RB
Craft Special Ammo (hold)M MouseR1RB
Zoom (while aiming)Z (Y)right stick buttonright stick button
Shoulder Swap (while aiming)Shiftleft stick buttonleft stick button
Reload (while aiming)RSquareX
Heal (hold)???L1 + XLB + A
Perception Boost (hold)???L1 + TriangleLB + Y
Select Bow1D-Pad UpD-Pad Up
Select Pistol2D-Pad DownD-Pad Down
Select Rifle3D-Pad RightD-Pad Right
Select Shotgun4D-Pad LeftD-Pad Left

Lara's Moves

Quick Time / Action Events

On occasion Lara will have to perform certain actions quickly, or repeatedly.
Prying Action To pry a chest open, or like in the first level, Lara's leg free from under a rock, repeatedly press the action button until the symbol bar (e.g. the knife) has filled.

Climbing / Traversal

Axe Climb Jump, Interact, Direction To scale a climbable craggy wall, jump up to it. While in the air press the action button to use the axe. When firmly attached to the wall all you need to do is to steer Lara in the desired direction.
Overhang Climb Jump, Interact, Direction Scaling an overhang is not so different from scaling any other climbable surface with the axe. Again jump up towards the overhang, use Action to attach the axe and use the directional controls to move around.
Overhang Ledges Jump, Direction To climb up overhang ledges, simply press up and use jump to reach the next ledge.
Grapple Axe Jump, Interact To throw the grapple axe, press jump immediately followed by interact.


ReloadScrambleWhile aiming, press the button usually used for scramble to reload ammunition.


Swan DiveJump+Roll Perform a swan dive by pressing jump immediately followed by Scramble/Roll.
SubmergeScramble/Roll Dive down by pressing the Scramble/Roll button while in the water.
EmergeJump Dive up by pressing the Jump button while under water.
Swim FasterAim Swim or dive faster by pressing either the Aim or the Shoot button.
Pocket of AirInteract To take a breath at pockets of air, press interact.
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